Hillary Destined to be U. S. President

I posted the following thoughts on Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist and blogger, Jay Bookman’s blog this evening, April 20, 2016:

I just returned from having seen the film “Eye in the Sky” with Helen Mirren and the late actor Alan Rickman.
I want to urge every person to see this movie before you vote for President of the United States.  The President of the United States must have a core of steel with nerves of steel, a high intelligence, an intelligence of balance and sharpness of nuance on Day 1 – no time to waste on on the job training for how to see nuances.  The President also must have compassion for all human beings.  A spiritual insight would be of great value.
I cannot see Donald Trump, with his loose cannon personality and loosey, goosey thought processes to be at the helm of command in our new world.  He would put us in a roll of the dice with our lives, without even knowing it, imho.  Neither can I see Bernie Sanders, with his lack of experience in international affairs, slightly naive perceptions, and petulant overreactions toward Clinton, recently, to be at the helm of command of our nation and world.
I believe that Hillary Clinton was made for this job at this time in America’s history.  She has proven nerves of steel and a core of steel, ready intelligence of a penetrating and detailed kind, as well as compassion for humans as a whole and as individuals.  She is not only an accomplished professional woman, she is a wife, mother, and grandmother who knows how to keep a family together and see each in her family bloom, with compassion.
The NY Times today stated that white men and young people did not vote for Hillary Clinton as much in yesterday’s primary elections as did New York women and African Americans.  I would say that it is time for white men to get over being threatened by a strong and powerful woman President, and I have faith the the young people who supported Bernie Sanders will grow in awareness of what it takes to become an outstanding, rational, and impacting leader of this nation and of the world in this age of terrorism, international intrigue, and not evolved sufficiently societies.
Hillary is made for this job on Day One.  Being “modern” has nothing to do with those essential job requirements.  See the movie and deepen your understanding of what is needed.  Hillary is the best candidate, by far, and she happens to be a woman.  Again, the hand of God.  See it or not.



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