Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump for President

I posted the following comments on various journalists’ blogs on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on April 27, 2016:

“Last night, Trump’s closing words were: ‘If Hillary were a man, I doubt that she would get even 5% of the vote. . . .’  That, of course, implies that Hillary should be aspiring to be a man because men are innately superior to women.  And, of all the men alive, I (Trump) am the top dog.

The thing is, Hillary’s vision and imagination and pragmatism take her into the future, with the evolution of humankind, in which collaboration, communication, nurturing of all people, serving the people, etc. – all traditional female roles – will emerge into the future as necessary traits for leadership on the world’s stage.

One day, even while I live, I hope not only to see the first woman President of the United States of America, but I hope that most men in the United States will applaud Hillary Clinton for being the Woman that she is – President of the United States, a person of this nation’s and this planet’s evolutionary future.”


“Let us never forget that we will have U. S. Supreme Court Justices appointed either by Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.  Those appointees will determine critical issues for our future, such as a woman’s right to choose and the continuing civil rights for various minority groups, well into the 21st century.

Also, let us not forget that whoever wins in the November Presidential election will probably usher in either Democrats or Republicans, down party, into the U. S. Congress and into state legislatures throughout the nation.  That decision, too, will determine America’s trajectory for the future and whether our nation will continue to be admired by, and a model for, other nations throughout our planet.”



“Notice why Thomas Jefferson appealed to lawmakers to ensure an educated populace which would ensure the continuance of our Democratic-Republic:

See the irony:  It has been the Republican economic ideology of the past 40 years which has brought America to this present unequal state of income distribution, and has demoralized the American masses, as a result.

Since the large majority of those masses of Americans are relatively uneducated, they do not see that they will be voting for Republican Donald Trump, over Democrat Hillary Clinton, and that it has been the present Republican Party which got them into their present financial stress.  For some reason, they trust Donald Trump’s unorthodox ways.  They are like uneducated sheep being led to the slaughter, imo.  We must never fail to educate the public as to what is really going on.  We elected as our President a well-educated black man who knew well what I am talking about.  Let us now elect a well-educated woman as our next President.  Hillary, too, chosen by Obama, knows well what I am talking about.”



“Obama has redirected that mistaken trajectory for America, as well as he could have.  Redirecting that misguided, hierarchical trajectory for America has probably been Obama’s greatest foreign policy goal as well as accomplishment, in terms of at least attempting to demonstrate to this world a better way of solving world conflicts.  Hillary understands well what Obama was attempting to do as she was his Ambassador throughout the world in establishing friendships of foreign leaders throughout the world.

With Trump, the trajectory of America’s foreign policy with the world community will make a U-turn to the worship of power through force and hierarchy, once again, rather than through egalitarianism of belief and building trust, not fear, among nations and among the people of this world.

Our nation has a brutal and polarized difference of worldviews for our future.  That future is in our hands.  We must choose wisely.  Trump’s ideas or Obama’s/Hillary’s.

 Another poster’s comments:


Mary Elizabeth to Poster:

“Those facts you presented are only the tip of the iceberg of the philosophy behind the vision of Barack Obama for our world, as the Nobel Peace Prize Committee well understood in 2009.”



“Bernie Sanders was asked by a TV commentator this afternoon, ‘Is Hillary Clinton smart?’

Bernie responded, ‘Oh my, God yes, Hillary’s smart.  She’s VERY smart!’

Another poster:

 “He returned the favor for her support of him last night.”


Mary Elizabeth to the other poster:


This morning, Donald was complaining to Joe and Mika about how Hillary “yelled” her speech last night.  She did not yell it.  I heard it in full.  She very much got across the point, however,  that she would not be cowered by Trump’s trying to say she is playing the Woman Card. “If getting higher pay and equal rights for women is playing the Woman Card, then DEAL ME IN,” she said in her most forceful voice – to let Trump know that there was NO WAY she would be intimidated by him.  Thus, his pathetic response.

Frankly, Hillary has the kind of mental stamina and ferocious tenacity that my maternal grandmother, who lived to be 95 years old, had, and I SO admire that in any person, especially in any woman.

Donald has met his match in Hillary.”



Another poster to Mary Elizabeth:

“hey ME, see this pushback on the ‘Hils is the hawkiest hawk running’ bizness from Vox? Might find it of interest.”


Mary Elizabeth’s Response to that poster:“Thank you for sharing that article with me.  That is exactly the kind of nuanced thinking/writing which I enjoy reading.

An additional factor to consider when we share ideas is that we must compare and contrast – to whatever degree we are comfortable engaging – in order to communicate our thoughts as effectively as possible to others.  However, real life does not operate so neatly.  I believe that is why I enjoy fine movies.  So much is communicated in nuances that do not even involve words, themselves, but the viewer of the film can almost read the multitude of thoughts, emotions, and decisions which constantly impact another’s consciousness simply through close observation of the actor’s body language and facial expressions, which stem from the mind, itself.

I see Hillary, and most people, in the second way of perceiving reality, especially (not charts of comparing and contrasting but through observation of multilayers and shades of being) and that is why I encourage others to think with as much depth as possible and to avoid stereotypical thinking, which is surface and shallow thinking, and thereby dangerous thinking.

I think that Obama has a more futuristic vision, like Jefferson, for humanity than does Hillary but I think that they also are on the same trajectory toward that end.  Eight years ago, I thought that Obama should become President first so that he could inspire and model for Hillary in those visionary ways which come natural to his mind and his thinking.  It mattered not, in their case, that Obama was younger, the point was who was more visionary.  Hillary will be a much better President in her 70s than she would have been in her 60s.  She ages beautifully, and I do not mean simply physically, of course, but in terms of her humanity.  That is why to label stringently, like a formula, a person’s past actions, present thinking, present actions as if one can size up another human being by formula is faulty in design.  Hillary wants to break through barriers which hold each person in America (yea, the world) back, and I want to break through all given intellectual barriers which hold thinking back, as a teacher.

Thank you again.  I respect that writer and I respect his thinking.  I will save your link to that article for further study.”








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