Hillary Clinton for President of the United States


 Jay Bookman on his blog, May 4, 2016: “In my own informal polling, most Republicans distressed at the thought of Trump also say they can’t envision voting for Clinton. I get that.” (Link: http://jaybookman.blog.myajc.com/2016/05/04/with-trump-at-top-of-ticket-is-the-gop-house-now-vulnerable/  )


Mary Elizabeth: “I do not ‘get that’ at all, and I have explained my reasoning for my committed support for Hillary Clinton as President of the United States many times on this blog.  It is not simply that she is a female.  It is not simply that she will save the nation from Donald Trump.

It is because Hillary Clinton is a woman of substance, of high intellect, of proven leadership skills who will continue the visionary trajectory of Barack Obama for this nation and this world.  In other words, Hillary “gets it.”  Obama’s support in the meantime, after she is named the Democratic Presidential candidate, will put her in the White House.  Get used to it.  How I wish that Georgians could embrace the vision that Obama and Hillary Clinton have for our nation and world.  If they did, they would elevate themselves to another realm of awareness and functioning.  In other words, they would have grown, as Georgia’s standing Gov. Deal has grown, morally and intellectually.”


Another Poster to Mary Elizabeth:

“Be that as it may, the majority of Americans do not find H Clinton trustworthy.  Nor do they find D Trump trustworthy.”


Mary Elizabeth’s Response to Poster:

“Be careful when you talk with such ‘glory’ about the ‘majority’ of Americans.  The majority of the white people of the South did not trust Martin Luther King, Jr., either, because of their own mental and spiritual limitations, and history has proven that their lack of trust in MLK was not warranted.  So much for the ignorance of the masses. ( And, that is why I keep trying to educate the masses above ignorance, as Jefferson’s spirit leads me to do. 😉 )

That is, also, why this nation has minority rights, which are human rights, and why it is the electoral college that puts a person into the Presidency, not popular vote. (And, that is why the leaders of the Democratic Party designed a fail-safe against ignorance and naivete of the “majority” by electing to establish those with in-depth understanding of party politics in how to win elections – called the Democratic Super Delegates.)

Our Founding Fathers, as I have often stated on this blog, were brilliant men.

“Thomas Frank, the author of the article in the link you shared, above, from ‘The Guardian’ has it backwards.  These are his words from that article:


‘Seven years have passed now since the last recession officially ended, and yet the country’s fury has scarcely cooled. To this day we remain angry at Wall Street; we rage against career politicians; and we are incandescent that the economic system seems to have been permanently ‘rigged’ against working people. . . .That they (Democrats) seem to want to do all these things anyway tells us everything we need to know about who they really are: a party of the high-achieving professional class that is always looking for a way to dismiss the economic concerns of ordinary people.’


Mary Elizabeth: The cause of America’s financial collapse in 2008 was not because of the Democratic Party’s failure but because of the greed and self-orientation of ideologues within the Republican Party’s leadership for the past 45 years.  Their ideological greed and selfishness, as seen in trickle down economics and tax cuts for the rich, finally came to a boil in 2008 and because of that financial crash, Americans, in large numbers, are still seething.

They are seething because the American people know, now, that they have been bamboozled for the past 4 decades. Let us get our facts straight, however.  It has not been the Democratic Party that has bamboozled them.  It has been the Republican Party.  And, that deviousness has precipitated the destruction of the GOP.  Karma.”


Additional Thoughts of Mary Elizabeth posted on the above named blog:

“For those who have believed the propaganda against Hillary, please let me state this.

For 8 years, people have gone back and forth, even on this blog, regarding the value of President Barack Obama to our nation, which shows the fickleness of the human mind.

To the contrary, I have never once veered in my high estimation of Barack Obama’s vision and implementation of that vision for our nation and world, and I believe that my stable insight of him has proven not only steady but valid, in time.

Now, many of you are veering back and forth about Hillary Clinton’s value to our nation and world.  I have tried to think of the best way, I can come up with, to convince you to see her past the eyes of the small-minded and blind.  Well, it came to me this morning.

Since most of you – now – have finally acknowledged the value Barack Obama has been to our nation, ask yourselves WHY this President would have placed this woman in a position of such influence and power as his Secretary of State, and WHY he continues to give her all the support that he can, at this point in the election, to be the President to follow him.  Could it be that Barack Obama also sees past the superficial and looks straight to the heart, mind, and competence of others, including Hillary Clinton?”



Mary Elizabeth’s response to that poster:

“Thank you for your post.  I must say, however, that, imo, if Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency, it will be because of the total campaign that she, herself, will have run, including gaining the authentic support of President Barack Obama.”


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