Regarding Variations in Sexuality, Gender, and Transgender Bathrooms

On May 19, I wrote the following comments on the “Get Schooled” blog of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:  (Link:

“President Obama has made the right call regarding public school bathroom use for transgender students.  When I was an adolescent in the 1950s, the federal government had to intervene to correct another human rights’ injustice in the South at that time – segregation by race of schools, and the Jim Crow South, in general.

George Washington was a Federalist who stated that the federal government would help to overcome the provincial prejudices of the population.  Thomas Jefferson was a Republican who believed that all are created equal.  Jefferson, also, wrote in his first inaugural address, ‘We are all federalists and we are all republicans.’  Profound words from Washington, the visionary and healer, and from Jefferson, the healer and visionary.

Here are my visionary thoughts regarding why the transgender angst is unnecessary and of our own making, based on our presently limited perceptions of gender and sexuality just as previously we experienced limited, provincial perceptions related to race.  I hope my words lift consciousness, rather than create anger.

As I recall, about 10 to 15 years ago in Atlanta a surgeon was performing a circumcision on a newborn boy. He butchered the surgery, or the surgical equipment was faulty. Bottom line: the boy was turned into a baby girl by creating a female sexual organ for the baby boy, turned baby girl. This is a true story, reported on WSB-TV, at that time.

As I recall that newly created girl never really felt like a girl in the years that followed. If people were either wiser, or more informed about biological phenomena, they could understand how one’s gender identification does not simply depend upon the two obvious sexual organs.  Brain chemistry and DNA are also involved in gender identification that probably begins in utero. We must start to understand sexual phenomena beyond the very literal, mundane, and patently obvious.

As an evolved society, we should be more compassionate and less judgmental regarding variations of differences in gender identification and sexual orientation. Nature is nature beyond judgment, and every person is unique not only in sexuality but in every other way that contributes to our common humanity.

Finally, on public radio today, I heard of these words said by a transgender child to that child’s mother, ‘This (bathroom transgender decision) is life changing to me.  Mother, I can now attend a public school.’ ”


Mary Elizabeth on May  21, 2016 on “Get Schooled”:

At one time, in the field of psychiatry, homosexuals were labeled as mentally disturbed, across the board.  Fortunately, those with intellectual curiosity continue to seek answers that break through present consciousness.

We have no idea, throughout history, how many men and women have felt as transgendered people do, regarding their own gender identification, but who believed it wiser to remain silent because they could have perceived that their thoughts would be ridiculed by society and that they would become pariahs of society for expressing their authentic selves, in terms of sexuality and gender.  Today, society has evolved in consciousness enough to allow individuals the personal autonomy to  express in a wide – not narrow or limited – range of gradients or degrees of  who they authentically are, without making them outcasts to society.

Perhaps, the field of psychiatry today, represented by the thinking of Dr. Paul McHugh , whom you quote above, should focus more upon the biological aspects brain chemistry related to male/female identification and DNA ‘s contributing factors, which are developed in utero.

Another poster to Mary Elizabeth:
 Mary Elizabeth to that poster:

I do not disagree with you regarding the possibility of treatment, for given transgender individuals.

I, also, believe that knowledge, including self-knowledge as well as self-awareness, can be healing.

It appears, from those who are sharing their personal experiences, that being transgender is a real phenomena.  We must not close the door to receiving any new gender knowledge that is credible, however uncomfortable breakthroughs in current acceptable norms may be for some to digest.


Mary Elizabeth on May 20, 2016 on the same blog thread, as well as on Jay Bookman’s blog concerning transgender persons:

“Every person is unique.  Labeling generically can sometimes damage individuals.

At one time, in the field of psychiatry, homosexuals were labeled as mentally disturbed, across the board.  Fortunately, those with intellectual curiosity continue to seek answers that break through present consciousness.

Moreover, this issue is both a state issue and a federal issue.  That is why I mentioned the positions of both George Washington, who favored federal rights over states rights, and Thomas Jefferson, who was a proponent of strong states’ rights, but who also stated, ‘We are all federalists and we are all republicans.’

Surely, if those two enlightened Founding Fathers can acknowledge the complexity of the interaction between federal and state governments and work together to sustain our exceptional Union, we can be as enlightened today for the benefit of all of America’s citizens. Human rights for all Americans are guaranteed in our U. S. Constitution, which remarkably still stands valid today, well over two hundred years after it was created.”

For readers of this blog who may wish to expand consciousness further, I offer this posting for you.





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