“All The Way” with LBJ

I posted the following on Jay Bookman’s blog on Sunday evening, May 22, 2016:

The Progressive Movement has not lost the war, imo.  And, I do not believe that LBJ created that Rightwing backlash after the Civil Rights Bill, The Voting Rights Bill, and The Great Society’s social programs.  LBJ, like Lincoln, did what he knew was right not only for minorities in this nation but for the nation, itself, in sustaining its highest ideals and destiny, in spite of his various other weaknesses.

Because of JFK, LBJ, MLK, and many others, this nation has moved forward.  The backlash which occurred after LBJ’s tenure was of its own small-minded and self-oriented doings.  In my opinion, these last 4 decades, before President Obama, were like 40 years in the spiritual wilderness, of which we are just now emerging, if Donald Trump does not become our next President.

That is the truth, beyond the surface.

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