Brexit, Nationalism, and the 21st Century

Another Poster on Jay Bookman’s blog, June 22, 2016:

“The campaign urging Britain to abandon the European Union appears eerily familiar to the US


Mary Elizabeth in response to that Poster’s words, above, and in response to the link he shared:

“I wrote pretty much the same thing in more metaphysical or poetic ways regarding leaving nationalism behind, the other day on Bookman’s blog, when I compared Brexit to the Southern states withdrawing from the Union in 1860, plus the following remarks:++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

‘I see that evolutionary process on this planet as one in which nationalities will ultimately disappear, but cultures will not.  Analogy:  All flowers have equal value and worth, but their beauty is unique to themselves.
I see the world moving from a masculine psyche (dominating and winning) to a more feminine psyche (understanding and nurturing).  (Please remember that men and women both have elements of the masculine and feminine psyches within their consciousness.)
This Union needed to be saved, as Lincoln well knew, so that its tenets of egalitarianism (feminine consciousness) might be preserved for all time, on the planet as a model that multiculturalism (black/white primarily in 1860 in the U.S.) might be shown to be successful to the world for all time. (“The American Experiment”)
Now, the world is becoming more global and more multicultural in every part of the world through massive communications via internet, etc.  We are all becoming one world, not in a dictatorial (masculine) way but in an egalitarian way.  Britain’s being part of the EU, irrespective of the success or not of the entire EU economically, is a first step toward inclusion of all on the planet as one, not exclusion of the “winners” over the “losers.”  That was what was behind the concept of the South having been reunited with the Union instead of simply being allowed to do its own thing and pull out from the Union forever, I believe as Lincoln had the vision to see (and Jefferson before him).  Seeing ourselves as separated from the rest of humanity (Apartheid in South Africa) is a thing of the past, not the future.  Barack Obama sees that, and so does his protege, Hillary Clinton.  That is primarily why he is endorsing her – Barack and Hillary, essentially, share that same, egalitarian vision for humanity’s long, evolutionary future.
‘The moral arc of the Universe is long, but it bends toward Justice.’ – MLK. I would add, with my spiritual genetic background, that it bends toward seeking the Godhead of us all on this planet.’ “

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