Brexit’s Future, as I see it, and the United States’ Choice in November

I predicted what will happen to Great Britain and possibly the U.S. as a result of Brexit, if the people of the United States do not vote wisely for the next President of the United States in November, 2016.  (I posted the following words originally on Jay Bookman’s blog on June 24, 2016.)


It is occurring to me that by Great Britain’s leaving the EU, that, as the analysts are saying, now Scotland and Northern Ireland may leave GB and do more business with the EU, even if they do not technically leave GB, they may become more identified with the EU over time, leaving England, just a pittance of what it was at one time in terms of world power.

That seems to me to be in line with seeing the world becoming more interconnected and global.  The U.S. and G.B. have been two of the last so-called imperialistic nations of the West to survive into the 21st century.

So, what happens with the U.S.?  We could do as the Brits and vote for nationalism through Donald Trump in November or we could vote for Hillary Clinton in November who will carry forth Barack Obama’s egalitarian vision for our world. (Contrary to popular opinion by some, I have never believed Obama was an imperialist, because I read his words and watched him deliver them with intent for years).  I only hope and pray that our nation will elect Hillary Clinton even if most of the people of our nation do not share the vision I have for our common future.  Otherwise, the U.S., too, may well become a thing of the past, like England.


Another poster to Mary Elizabeth’s comments:

“…leaving England, just a pittance of what it was at one time in terms of world power.”

Well it’s already been that since the 1940s.


Mary Elizabeth’s response to that poster:

Nothing is static.  That may be true but it is a matter of degree and of evolution in time to England’s having a weaker degree of power than it had even in 1940.

God works in mysterious ways.  The rising of world egalitarianism is coming, as I see it, if only humanity will learn to see others as equals as brothers and sisters and not keep seeking to dominate others. Moving from vertical to lateral consciousness takes the voluntary releasing of power, as George Washington knew and acted upon almost 3 centuries ago.


Post Script:

And, as I have said often on this blog, if one takes the time to read and absorb Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Speech, one can see that he has acted during his presidential tenure to fulfill his words or his philosophy of humankind’s progression in actions.

The Nobel Peace Prize Committee had the insight to see years ago that Obama would do that in being true to his own consciousness.

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