Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump on Jobs, Free Trade

I posted the following remarks regarding my impressions of the difference in the economic visions of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, this morning, on AJC columnist Jay Bookman’s blog in response to his entry.  Link: http://jaybookman.blog.myajc.com/2016/06/30/trumps-economic-vision-would-devastate-ga/

“How much this hypocrisy has needed exposure with this kind of factual detail. Thank you.

We, in this nation, this state, and this world, are in transition, as I see it, in the world’s organic transition from the 20th century to the 21st and beyond – which will be a new dynamic of the future not only in trade, but in climate change, population growth, world peace without nuclear weapons – from being able to support more home manufacturing to free world trade across the Earth.

Most people have been acclimated to think only in dichotomies, not in terms of degree, nuance, or evolution in its many forms.  Therefore, politicians make this issue of free trade vs. home protection into a simple pro/con issue which it is not in order to play upon the people’s fears, not their hopes.

Hillary Clinton is trying to show that we must transition, so that jobs – as one example – which have been lost in the coal industry are provided for those at home today in new avenues of energy manufacturing, as we move into other energy avenues consistent with our changing world.

Hillary Clinton is the HOPE of our future in this state, nation, world.  Donald Trump is our FEAR.”


“I trust the compound, complex mind of Hillary Clinton much, much more than I trust the relatively simple mind of Donald Trump to represent America in the marketplace of merchandise and ideas on the world’s stage of our security and our future.

Moreover, Hillary will make us friends around the globe; Donald will make us enemies across the globe and play into the simple Muslim/Christian war talk which ISIS is trying to foster.

This man is dangerous to us all if we do not wake up to his limitations and his psychological problems, including ADD, as I see it.”


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