Rocky, Bumpy Road

Posted on Jay Bookman’s blog, July 18, 2016 by Mary Elizabeth:

“I remember well when so many, Right and Left, were so critical of President Obama on this blog.  My opinion of him has never veered from the time he ran for office – I think he is an outstanding, elevated person, and will be known as one of America’s best presidents, if not a transformational president.

Likewise, my opinion of Hillary Clinton remains the same, and I believe that it will continue to be so.  I think if Americans are not wise enough to see her value to our nation, especially at this time in America’s history, they will deserve the very rocky, bumpy road they will have under Donald Trump. Practically all the negatives about her are political propaganda, imho.  She may have the personality of a school marm, but the lady has vision, intellect, compassion, and leadership ability.  I could not care less about her personality type, especially based on such a superficial trait.  The ‘crookedness’ label is pure political propaganda, made powerful by Trump, and he has NO credibility with me.”


Mary Elizabeth posted on Jay Bookman’s blog on July 20, 2016:

“Donald Trump and Donald Trump’s children have seduced a large part of America and that may grow as people hate Hillary more and more.

This is a warning.  We are at a critical time in America’s history.  Obama, Hillary, Bernie, and Elizabeth Warren all know it.

Please stop talking about people and events and start talking about ideas.  That is what will affect all of our lives in the future.  America is going to be, again, an imperialistic, hierarchical empire, or we are going to become the America of our Founding Fathers’ dreams – an America of enlightenment, education, egalitarianism, and a model for the world of that enlightenment. Harshness and cruelty vs. humanity and eternal truths. It is that simple.

These are the ideas at stake for our nation.  Georgia may very well determine that choice for humankind.”





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