Whose Reality?

I wrote the following words on Jay Bookman’s blog on Sunday, July 31, 2016:

“People see in different realities.  I must be true to the realities that I see.  Thus, I make no apologies for my decision, earlier stated, for I have done nothing but state reality as I have observed it to be.

Here is one example of how reality can be lit by different lights, especially at different times. (Thanks, anonymous reader of my blog, who read this selection this evening which showed up on my blog’s stats.  This selection has bearing on the present variances of what reality is perceived to be to different people, even on this blog.)”



Earlier, I had posted these words on Bookman’s blog, in which I had alluded to the fact that different people see in differing layers of reality, either that which they wish to see or that which they are capable of seeing:

I never thought that I would ever post again on this blog.  However, I will be posting here and there about matters of importance to me, but I will not be interacting.  And, that choice of mine is not because of petulance or pettiness, which I despise, but because I know that it is simply wiser for me, and for others, not do so. I do not think I should have to explain why.  It is obvious to me, and I am sure it is obvious to others who are thoughtful. . . .”


Other entries from my blog which may be of interest to my readers, related to the above:








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