Voice of My Father from 1980

Hillary Clinton said in her Acceptance of the Democratic Nomination for President Speech, “America is great, because America is good.”  She is right.  Over two hundred years ago a French nobleman who believed in America penned and voiced those words.  Below are the words of my father, which he penned in 1980.  I hope you will consider my father’s words and thoughts, as you pull the lever of whom you wish to be America’s next President:
“President Eisenhower in quoting the French patriot,  Alexis De Tocqueville, gave an insight to the period:
‘I sought for the greatness and genius
of America in the fertile fields and
boundless forest; it was not there.
I sought for it in her free schools
and her Institutions of Learning; it wasn’t there.
I sought for it in her matchless
Constitution and Democratic Congress.
It was not there.
Not until I went to the churches of America and found them aflame
with righteousness did I understand
the greatness and genius of America.
America is great because America is good.  When America ceases to
be good, America will cease to be great.’
We,  the parents of this generation, sort of grew up with them.  We basically wanted them to have a better fate in life than was ours in the sad Depression years of the thirties, or the suffering for victory and peace in the war years of the forties.  We brought them up in church, watched them engage in school activities, and in community endeavors.  They were our pride and joy and their friends became our friends!  This was a beautiful period of time in America.  It was a period of national pride.  The music, the refinement, and wholesome manners of the youth bespoke of the age.  They were far from dull.  They probably had more fun at their coming out parties, in their foolish ‘Hot Rods,’ and on vacation trips than money could buy, today.  They were human, as all youngsters are, human but deep underneath all that energy and laughter, they were so very good and noble.
Most of the generation apart are under forty years of age, yet they have seen more change and advancement in America than any generation in the history of our land.  During their lifetimes, America has risen from an agricultural society of tedious hand labor to a technological giant of magnificent magnitude.  In all fields of endeavor, America has been the world leader.  This was all made possible by virtue of our free enterprise system which is so conducive to mass production.  In a land of individual freedom, individual initiative and individual creativity are blessed.  This is why America has always been called the land of opportunity!  It is true, God has enriched our soil and we have vast natural resources.  So do other nations.  Our nation grew because of our hallowed institutions of Liberty, Freedom, Justice and Equality. No other nation was ever founded upon such a moral base and no other nation ever had such glorious potential.  In the history of the civilized world, no other people have been so uniquely blessed as we.  America has the highest living standard in the world.  Yet, in the past years, America has been deluged with rash criticism, from both home and abroad.  Those who sit in judgement to our form of civilization would do themselves credit to pause and remember that we fought in two World Wars for free men and asked no indemnities, no demand for acquisition of territory, and no domination over other people. We poured tons of food and clothing and billions of dollars overseas to save hundreds of millions of people from famine, and many governments from total collapse.  I believe this was called ‘The Marshall Plan.’  This could only be done because of our freedom of enterprise which stimulated our energies, initiative, ingenuity, and creative faculties.  Our freedom is the open window through which pours the sunshine of the human spirit and of human dignity.  Yet, we do not have a nation of perfection.  We never have. We do not find perfection in our homes, in our schools, in our churches, in our hospitals, or in ourselves.  We do not, or at least we should not, discard and seek to destroy them because of imperfection.  Maybe it is the quest for perfection which makes us great.  At least, we do have freedom and we should preserve and protect it.  The world needs it!”


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