The State of Georgia and the 2016 Presidential Election

From Jay Bookman’s blog on August 2, 2016:

Another poster: “What happens in GA is largely irrelevant to the national election.”


MaryElizabethSings: Not true. Georgia’s latest polls have Clinton at 46% and Trump at 46%.  It is possible for Georgia to turn Blue in this election and, thereby, affect the trajectory of this nation and of this world, positively, for future generations.

Make your support for Hillary Clinton be impacting and make your vote count.  Women, blacks, Latinos, all minorities, young adults must turn out in large numbers in Georgia to turn this state Blue.  I believe most Georgians are more progressive than they have allowed themselves to demonstrate because of peer pressure and financial concerns.  Now is the time to stand up and to let your voice and your vote be heard.  You will like yourself much better if you do this for this nation, its people, and for the world’s future.

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