Prophesying Into the 21st Century

Mary Elizabeth’s thoughts, below, were posted originally on the “Get Schooled” blog of the AJC, on August 3, 2016.


As technology continues to expand and computers take over more and more jobs essential for humankind’s survival, I would hope that more of the world’s population will enter into the fields of service jobs, such as teaching others not only in skills but also in knowledge of academics which will foster enlightenment of the human condition, as well as engineers who would train or serve others in poor communities across the globe in farming techniques, sewage control means, purifying water supplies, etc. Moreover, doctors and nurses and caregivers of all kinds could give on-site medical service to those with health needs, such as old age care.

Even with interaction on Facebook and other social media outlets for online learning, nothing can replace love and authentic care between one human being and another, shown through real live hugs and handshakes, among many other ways in which direct contact is operative, such as simple eye contact, with all of the subtleties, contained within that immediate, in the flesh, communion.

Online learning can make the initial start into educating the world and developing its literacy, but real-time human bodies/souls, interacting, with compassion and knowledge, with other human bodies/souls on the ground – where they live throughout the globe – educates in ways beyond the cognitive, which will help human beings survive on our common planet, together.

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