Changing and Elevating the World Toward God’s Eternal and Loving Soul

My father speaks to each of us from beyond the grave. This, his last poem and work of prose, was penned in 1999, only months before he died in early 2000, at age 80:


Farewell to the dear century past
You brought the possible and the impossible together
You stood the trials of war and peace
Through fair and stormy weather!
You began a bridge
To span the gap ’til century twenty-one
And foresaw nations small and great
On a road where humanity could be won!

Farewell to thee and your creative might
You left the “Industrial Age,”
And challenged science of yesterday
To place missiles and patriots on the stage!
You proclaimed peace to replace war
In a parliament of brotherhood
And foresaw a world where humans dwell
With their problems understood!

Farewell to thee, O century great!
Long may your ideals reign
And leave “the sunshine” of peace and hope
Through the war clouds of a distant rain!
Thus, open wide a bridge of understanding
As century twenty-one shall begin
Then seek the wisdom of Providence
To guide us to the end!”

In today’s paper Atlanta Journal-Constitution (August 9, 2016), columnist and blogger Jay Bookman has selected a column he ran on his blog during the past week for publication. It ends with the lines, “I don’t know how this story will end. Trump will lose, yes, but I suspect that that is only the beginning of this story, not the end.” (Somewhat paraphrased)

I’m going to take a chance and tell you my version of how this story will “begin.” We are now into the second decade of the 21st century, and when Hillary Clinton completes her first term a President, we will be into the 3rd decade of this century and this millennium. Donald Trump will be a thing of the past, if not in body, then in consciousness. Hillary will have put this nation and this world onto a period of steadiness, in which we can build something positive. And, what might that be? Read the Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech of Barack Obama for that long-ranged vision, and recall the writings of Martin Luther King, Jr., for that long-ranged vision. The world must wake up to the fact that consciousness must and has already changed toward seeing that we are only ants in the ant bed of this planet, and unless we work together to keep our common home stable for all of us, some of us will cause all of us to perish. Yes, God works in mysterious ways to change and elevate the consciousness of humankind toward his eternal and loving soul.

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One Response to Changing and Elevating the World Toward God’s Eternal and Loving Soul

  1. dbm1fromjaybookmansblog says:

    There is a very big difference between humans and social insects. Each human has a life. With social insects, it is not the individual insect that has a life, but the colony.
    (I am following Ayn Rand in defining a life as an integrative process of self-sustaining, self-generated action.)

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