Shining a Light on Truth

I posted these thoughts originally on Jay Bookman’s blog, on August 11, 2016:

Sometimes one has to choose.  Take me with humility.  I value humility.  I simply value truth more. Thus, given the parameters of my particular personality, giving allegiance to truth makes humility become my sacrificial lamb.

Earlier this morning I posted here that I could no longer bear listening to Donald Trump’s voice and turned off my TV when his presence was in my home, figuratively.  Trump is so full of lies that I cannot tolerate him, now, to the point of even hearing his voice.

Last night I watched the documentary on PBS about LBJ’s life. LBJ’s admirable presidential tenure – during the first two years of his presidency with passage into law of the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, Medicare, and his War on Poverty and Great Society visions –  turned sour with his handling of the Vietnam War. Lyndon Johnson, who had been the consummate politician of persuasion, had to made a choice. That choice would be whether to persuade the American public of the “success” of that war through persuasive lies, or to tell the American people the truth – that we were losing that war and we should pull out. In telling the American people lies about Vietnam, LBJ left office a defeated man.  Those lies, he had made himself believe for what he thought was for the greater good, eventually killed him.  His failure in his decision-making regarding that war, and his lies, took its toll on his spirit and his body.  Lies do kill. He was dead within 5 years of leaving office, and the Vietnam War was over shortly, thereafter, ironically.

Eventually, truth will prevail, as will love, thanks be to God. We must sacrifice what we must to shine a light on both, always.  They both foster life.

Another poster:

Make no apologies, Mary Elizabeth! False humility is not truth, and if you value truth, then never pretend to it.

My response to that poster:

I well know that false humility is not truth, and that is why I never fake humility, just to please others.  I value truth too much to do that.

Thank you for your post which allows me to be even clearer.  Btw, truth and love both foster life, and that is why we must ever shine the light on both.

Donald Trump, imo, has neither truth, humility, nor love within his spirit and we must be ever vigilant in exposing that fact.  His spirit would not bring life, but death, if not of the body then of the American spirit, to the presidency.

Finally, I believe eventually that truth and love will foster communion more than competition in humankind.


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