The Changing South in the 21st Century

Here are my reflections on Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s blogger and columnist, Jay Bookman, on the morning of August 13, 2016:


Good Morning to all.  Someone else may have had this same thought, but I want to share it anyway.

It seems to me that with the phenomena that has become Donald Trump, the Old South is finally going to release itself from its own bondage.  LBJ said that with the passage of the Civil Rights Act into law, the Democrats would lose the solid South for a generation or more.  He was right, of course, but he knew that he was fostering the greater long-ranged good for all of the South, and all of the nation, by passing that act into law, which JFK had begun.

Now, with Trump, the polls are showing that Hillary Clinton is ahead of Trump in Virginia, NC, Georgia, Florida, and I think Louisiana.  South Carolina, the home state of the beginning of the Civil War, has Trump, now, only 2% points higher than Clinton, 44% to 42%.

Thus, when the solid South breaks up into majority Democratic states for the November election, it will have saved itself from its own tragic history over centuries, and though it will no longer be the Solid South, it will become one with the rest of the nation and the world in no longer playing the part of rebel, in days to come, under Hillary as our leader, as I see it.


Poster #1’s reponse:

MaryElizabethSings: Thus, when the solid South breaks up into majority Democratic states for the November election

I will believe the South has changed after several election cycles after 2016.

Mary Elizabeth responds:

The changing demographics of the South will ensure that it will no longer be labeled, “The Solid South.” The older white Southern male who has kept the South “solid” – by either the Dixiecrat Democratic or the present Republican label – for generations of paternalism is dying out.  Trump’s highly dramatic entrance onto the stage at this particular time simply highlights what would have happened later, anyway.  A figurative revolution of Southern consciousness rather than an expected evolution of Southern consciousness, as I observe it to be.  Trump  is making lemonade for the South out of lemons, inadvertently.



Poster #1 responds, again:

I know my town.  Most of them are Rs and so are their spawns.

I figured so is most of the South.  Some of them are disgusted by Trump and they will revert back to where they were.  Hope i am wrong but I don’t see it.


Mary Elizabeth responds:

“God works in mysterious ways, His glory to behold.”  Even when white Southerners were hating on MLK Jr. in Southern society in the 1950s and 1960s, deep in the spiritual resources of their individual souls, they knew MLK was spiritually right.

Thus, MLK fostered the evolution of the spirit of humankind in the nation and in the South, and in the world, faster than it would have been over much more time.  Ditto Lincoln and ditto FDR and Eleanor, ditto JFK/LBJ, ditto in the inverse, Donald Trump.

Poster #2 responds:

Yep. Will take several more elections before the Ds are really competing in the south. Take Trump out of the equation and it would be close or the same as we have seen for years.

It will come but the Trump phenomena has it appearing closer than it actually is in reality.


Poster #3 responds:

 The demographics they are a changin’.


Poster #2 responds:

Yes however as far as 2016 is concerned if you take out Trump the chances are slim that HC is competing in some of these states

Probably still ahead in the national polls if it had been any other R but not as close as she is in the polls of a few southern states outside of FL, VA and maybe NC

GA and SC seem to be polling close but I contend it has little to do with HC and more to do with Trump.


Poster #3 responds:

 No doubt, but as the old whiteys die off, things will change. Currently mentoring a millennial, and have been most impressed – there’s lots of hope ahead.


Mary Elizabeth responds:Ironically, as the black people and other minorities further integrate the South, in terms of being its leaders and not simply its underclass, these minorities will ensure that the original ideals and tenets of the American soul, as exemplified in the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution, will continue, but not just for the white, elite male, but for all people, everywhere – in the South, in the nation, and throughout the world.  Welcome to the 21st Century!  Ain’t God grand?!




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