Evolution of the Dixiecrats Democrats, to the Southern Republicans, to the post 2016 election Republicans in the South

In response to Jay Bookman’s Sunday column of August 10, 2016, I responded, thus:

I also read Jay Bookman’s column in the Sunday paper version today.  Here is my take:

Bookman sees and writes through the eyes of the scientist.  I see and write through the eyes of the mystic.

He deduces through mental logic.  I conclude through understanding spiritual transformation.

Bookman is partly rightly, imo, and partly wrong.

The Republican Party in the South is simply the old Dixiecrat Democratic Party in the South, changed somewhat through time transformation.  The South, and the nation, are changing from within.  Thus, one does not need to compartmentalize the Southern Republicans to the South, only, and have the mainstream GOP turn itself into another political party in the rest of the nation.

The South has always had a strong spiritual base, and much of that has been based on suffering, especially of the black Southerners, but also of the poverty of the region for all Southerners.  Nevertheless, spiritual values dominate in the South in the deepest resources of its people’s souls.  The Republican Party of the South is going to be transformed, as I see it, by Southern blacks, Southern young people, and Southern women, the healing agents for the Republican Party, which will remain whole, throughout the nation including in the South. Thus, the Republican Party in the South will remain being called the Republican Party, but the Trump-based Republicans in Georgia will die out or be transformed in soul, themselves, from within.

Trump has been God’s ironic agent to speed up this natural spiritual evolution of the present day spiritual limitations of the Tea Party Republicans and of the present day Main Stream Republicans to become one in the spirit with the spirit of God and of humanity.  The new Democratic Party of Georgia will help to transform all of the people of Georgia, including Georgia’s Republicans, into this more egalitarian spirit. Ironically, though he may not realize this, Jay Bookman has been a part of this spiritual evolution of transforming the soul of the South, both Democrats and Republicans, through his progressive opinions, shared throughout this state, over many years.


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