On the Donald Trump Phenomenon and the Presidential Election of 2016

I posted these comments first on Jay Bookman’s blog, of the Atlanta Journal Constitution on September 16, 2016:

One of the greatest cons in the history of American politics is Donald Trump himself.  The Breaking News on MSNBC is that Donald Trump is now stating:  “I am not ready yet to announce whether I believe President Obama was born in the U.S.”

People should be disgusted with this man’s ego and constant  seeking of media attention.  He loves the fight, the drama, and the attention and will always have these things surrounding him.

I see a correlation to many of the posters on this blog, right or left.  They love the fight, the drama, and the attention.

We must invest more in our government run public education so that more people will become disgusted, as I am, with all of that superficial nonsense.  Politics is philosophy and affects the future of mankind.  It was not designed to have a grand time with, watching the demise of this great nation.


Hillary Clinton just now:  “Donald Trump has been playing into the worst elements of our nation, including racism.  President Obama was born in the United States, plain and simple, and Donald Trump owes him and the American people an apology.”

Hillary Clinton is the opposite of Trump in character.  Vote for her in masses.


Poster # 1: We must invest more in our government run public education 

Just the facts ma’am……….
Americans overall are better educated than they were a quarter-century ago, and this change also has had a profound impact on the composition of the two parties. The share of voters who have a college degree or more education has increased by 10 percentage points since 1992, from 23% to 33%. Better-educated voters are increasingly identifying as Democrats.

 Since 1992, the share of Democratic and Democratic-leaning registered voters with at least a college degree has increased sharply, from 21% to 37%. Among Republicans, 31% have at least a college degree, up only slightly from 28% in 1992. As a consequence, a greater proportion of Democrats than Republicans now have a college degree or more education. 

– Pew Research


Mary Elizabeth’s response to Poster #1:

Notice that it is the better educated Democratic voters who are voting for Hillary, not Trump.  Your facts back up my contention.

Jefferson knew what we both know, 2 and 1/2 centuries ago, regarding the necessity of investing in an educated populace in order to sustain our democratic republic. Educated voters simply cannot pull that voting lever for demagogues, charlatans, and con men.



I hope all of the readers of this blog have noticed how the citizens who are speaking for Donald Trump at his press conference are all white, middle aged, men.

Please believe me that this presidential contest is a battle between the sexes.  Some men, like Donald Trump, think power is only contained within their small hands.  Insecure men.

Do not let our nation disintegrate into that kind of anachronistic thinking.  It is dangerous for our world, which is evolving organically in the opposite direction.

It is becoming clearer and clearer to me that this election is about keeping the first woman from becoming president.

We need as many aware men and enlightened men and women to vote for Hillary not because she is a woman but because she is the best candidate for president, by far, in this election.

Forces that tried to keep Obama, the first black male, from securing the presidency and then from becoming the outstanding president he has become, are the same forces who are trying to keep Hillary Clinton, a woman not afraid to be her authentic self beyond sexual stereotypes, from becoming President of the United States.

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