Free Will Exists Because God Was Lonely

I had a metaphysical conversation with a young adult last evening.  I was trying to explain why God constructed a world in which faith, or belief in God, must be by free will and not mandated by God.

God was lonely in his isolation as creator and maintainer of this Universe.  He had created the Heavens and all the creatures within it, including man.  Only by allowing man to have free will in loving God back, as God first loved man, could God receive genuine love from another being.  If free will did not exist, God would only be a dictator, not a loving God.  As Dictator, everything that God would have proclaimed would have been obeyed, but everything coming back to him, in terms of emotion, would only be himself coming back to himself, and so God would remain isolated in substance if not in form.  And, God would feel the difference.  Free will toward God, through faith, thus had to exist if genuine love were to be freely given and received between two or more beings. God and Man.  And, Man and Man.

This story is allegorical in thought.  It also applies to why this nation, and this world, MUST have complete freedom of thought, not encumbered by man’s version of anything, including religious and civic dogma.  Again, Jefferson spent his life trying to let us know that essential truth.

One day, I believe that the people of this Earth will transcend identification with individual nations, and will grow to understand that all human beings were created free, and work, together, to achieve that inherent right, including the freedom of thought, for all on Earth.

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