Testimony of the Personal Pain Caused by the Election of Donald Trump

I believe that this dear family friend’s testimony will touch your heart as much as it has mine.

“I debated whether to post this on my regular facebook page (I posted on a private group page I’m on). But a phone call with a friend today made me decide to post.

I’ve spent the last 3 days basically on facebook and alternating between blank faced/spaced out and in tears. I haven’t been able to concentrate on anything but what is going on right now. There are obvious reasons why the outcome of this election has me so upset, there is the universal effect it has on our country and the people in it. But I’ve been trying to understand why I feel so personally traumatized by it. I’m an Iranian American so I inherently understand that Trump’s rhetoric applied to me. But y’all, I’m so fucking American. I have a dog. I buy a lot of shit on amazon. I pay a lot in taxes. I dream in English. I love apple pie and coke. So before Tuesday night, I would hear Trump and think “he’s a terrible person, this is terrible” but I didn’t feel this fear. In part its because I didn’t think it would happen. But I also think that I didn’t quite understand that I was someone he targeted. I am not always aware of my “otherness”. And suddenly, Tuesday night I was very aware of how “other” I am and of how “other” my family is, my children. And I’ve been remembering my discomfort growing up as an Iranian immigrant in the south. I’m remembering how I grew up not with overt racism most of the time, but this subversive sense that I am “other”, that I don’t really belong. I had a constant reminder that I wasn’t the same as the caucasian kids around me, even though my skin color was the same. I haven’t thought about my otherness in years. I got married, built a family, made many many friends and found a career. I am surrounded in my life by a multitude of ethnicities and races and orientations and my colleagues are amazing therapists and psychiatrists. We do lots and lots of multicultural and safe space trainings because I work on a college campus. I’ve been in a bubble where I was no longer other, at least not in my daily life. And Tuesday night, that bubble was burst.”

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