A Ship of Fools

My words to another poster on the AJC blog, “Get Schooled,” on December 8, 2016:

I do not want America to rule the world. I want America to lead the way, with moral authority, to build partnerships in which responsibility for the world’s people and the world’s literal survival depend. President Obama understood this, as did his protege Hillary Clinton.

Now, under Trump, I feel as if we are all afloat on a “ship of fools” led by the master magician who has no moral authority because he alone, through those in America who are unaware, wants to rule the world. We are in a much more dangerous world with Donald Trump at the helm, as I see it.

Btw, you may want to improve public schools, but you do not do so with compassion nor with wisdom. The real problem is the disenfranchisement in the communities and poverty, as a result. However, you would rather focus on discipline and attendance instead of even acknowledging, much less addressing, the root problem which I just named. If our politicians in power had real compassion for disenfranchised people, as well as wisdom, they would be addressing their neighborhoods instead of turning their schools into vehicles for profit.


And this, which I posted on the AJC’s “Get Schooled” on December 13, 2016:

Today’s populace, parents and children, lack insight and wisdom because they, like Donald Trump, live mentally in a 10-second-concentration world. Internalizing history is a thing of the past. Reading for depth of understanding has become a thing of the past. When the people in states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania choose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton as the person who will bring jobs back to their once middle class status, they have been bamboozled into voting for the wrong candidate because they lack historical understanding as well as wisdom, which comes from reading material that requires concentration for, perhaps, 800 pages.

Those of the 1% of wealth in this nation have changed the trajectory of America from middle class to a plutocracy by design for over 40 years, and that powerful plutocracy is not, now, about to work “for the people.” They work for themselves, alone, where wealth and power are everything. That includes Donald Trump. The people of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania were not versed in historical facts, and they could not read character well when they chose Trump over Clinton. In other words, they were not truly literate. Uneducated Americans will not be able to sustain their republic. (Jefferson, B. Franklin)

Reading for depth must never become a thing of the past or human beings will become less than they are capable of becoming and will become servants of the wealthy manipulators of their lives.

Read this concession speech by Hillary Clinton, delivered in November of this year, to understand what intellectual depth entails:


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6 Responses to A Ship of Fools

  1. dbm1fromjaybookmansblog says:

    Government interferences, including well-intentioned ones, have a lot to do with creating the problem of poverty. Minimum wage laws price teenagers from poor neighborhoods out of the job market, depriving them of their start up the work experience ladder that would lead to better-paying jobs and a chance to escape from poverty. Another kind of early step up would be a pushcart business, but anyone who tries that faces a formidable array of government red tape that can be too much even for a middle-class person, let alone a disadvantaged poor person. More generally, government interference and the inefficiencies, inflexibilities, hindrances, and uncertainties it creates make the economy work less well, further limiting opportunities for the poor.
    A different, but probably related, part of the problem is that some people are entangled in a destructive behavioral cycle of sexual predation, teenage pregnancy, welfare dependence, crime, and substance abuse. Once a person is in that cycle, only that person can get himself or herself out of it. The rest of us may be able to make it easier or harder, but it is ultimately up to that person.

  2. You and I see differently regarding the role of the federal government. From my perspective, without the federal government’s intervention, the U. S. might still condone slavery and still foster a social system of Jim Crow laws, in which I grew up. The inequity in both of those social systems was because of man’s inhumanity to man, not because of the U. S. federal government which helped to solve the problems which those inhumane social systems had generated. We have still not worked through the social inequities that those social systems have created.

    These are my thoughts to another poster, yesterday, on the AJC blog, “Get Schooled.” I think you and my readers will appreciate these thoughts:

    “Again, to raise consciousness regarding ‘the law, I saw the movie, ‘Loving’ (Loving vs. State of Virginia) regarding a true story of a black and white couple by the surname of Loving, who took their right to marry as high as the U. S. Supreme Court to fight Virginia’s miscegenation laws in the 1960s (and earlier). This couple won that fight for themselves and for all other mixed-race couples. However, what this loving couple had to endure because of that unenlightened law was inhumane and consciousness was raised as a result of their case throughout the nation.

    As Jefferson said, ‘Nothing is without change except the inalienable rights of man.’

    Please see the movie and open your hearts to the proper place of the law in relation to humanity’s call.

    • dbm1fromjaybookmansblog says:

      My views are about government in general, not just federal government.
      The state and local governments that allowed and sanctioned slavery and that imposed the Jim Crow laws were acting in a way grossly contrary to the principles I advocate. The federal government was right to intervene against these physically aggressive actions by the state and local governments.
      If government at all levels had always acted the way I say it should, there never would have been any slavery and there never would have been any Jim Crow laws. In particular, there never would have been any anti-miscegenation laws. We would have avoided a lot of inhumanity and be in a much better place now.

  3. dbm, as I see things, governments and laws are simply the reflections of the state of the collective consciousness of the people who vote for the politicians who form our governments (state and federal) and who, also, form our laws.

    What you are leaving out, in my estimation, is that social consciousness precedes both laws and governments. The laws of the Jim Crow South would never have been different than they were, at that time in America’s history, because the people themselves had not evolved enough to see that all human beings truly are created equal. Once the people evolved to the point of seeing that fact (through the help of the Civil Rights Movement), the Jim Crow laws were able to be changed.

    My purpose with my blog is to elevate human consciousness which, I believe, precedes both laws and governments.

    • dbm1fromjaybookmansblog says:

      It is true that the governments and laws we have at any given time reflect the combination of the contents of the consciousnesses of all the individual persons who play a role in the political process. I am describing what I consider to be the ideal state of governments and laws, which we can hope to achieve once enough people have learned good enough contents of consciousness. My purpose with my comments here and elsewhere is to nudge along that learning process.
      You and I disagree on what exactly people need to have in their consciousnesses, both to live the best possible lives and to get the best political results.

  4. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, also, disagreed on “what exactly people need to have in their consciousnesses, both to live the best possible lives and to get the best political results,” yet both were needed with the differing kens of both of their brilliant minds to form America, as Washington well knew, and both were motivated to do the best for America as each perceived what was best for America.

    I have a first cousin, dear to me, who has always been a businessman and he has adhered to the consciousness and teachings of Ayn Rand all of his adult life. I, on the other hand, have always worked in education, or public service, even before I earned my degrees and became a teacher. This cousin once told me that he did not see how the business or private sector of our nation could ever be aligned well with the public sector because they would always have opposite goals. I told him that I did not see that they were necessarily adversaries. I am not a proponent of Ayn Rand (I had told my cousin) because she appears to be too self-motivated and even too self-centered, in my opinion, and that her philosophy has a coldness within it that I could never accept. Recently, this 88-year-old cousin of mine, who still owns his own business and works at it each day, told me that he is training his employees to take over his business when he passes. He is not only training them to know how to run a business, but he will insure that they will reap the rewards of their labor through their owning shares in that business. That way the present employees will be reaping the profit that comes of that business, in which they mutually will hold stock, after he has died. He told me that, in that way, he was sure that his business would survive him. (Other businesses he had formed, he has already given to his children as their own, and his children are working those businesses today.)

    When he told me what he was doing presently, I said to him, “I am so very proud of you, cousin. Now, maybe you can see what I meant by the fact that the public sector (government) and the private sector (business) can work in harmony in our nation for the benefit of both, as Washington had long ago encouraged Hamilton and Jefferson, together, to work through their differing perspectives for the benefit of America’s future.” I believe that without the humanity that social services bring to America, through the government employees who work as public servants in serving others for little pay, that Capitalism (which is part of the basic framework of America, thanks to Hamilton, especially) would become filled with selfishness and greed. Together, however, they (Capitalism tinged with a social consciousness) might make quite a team for America and for the world, as a combined social, governmental, and business model. My cousin’s employees will eventually become equal in social status and wealth to my businessman cousin through their labor (and his) and also through his kind heart and altruism (“all are created equal”). (Btw, just for your interest and that of my readers, my first cousin’s father, to whom I am not related, was a businessman. However, my first cousin’s mother’s family, the one which I share with my first cousin, has had a long line of public servants who have been teachers and preachers going back in lineage in America for over 200 years.)

    Please read this entry of mine below, in which I have envisioned a world in which the ideas of Hamilton and of Jefferson might work in harmony for the good of all human beings in America, and on Earth now and in the future:


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