“The Inalienable Rights of Man”

Readers of “MaryElizabethSings” may appreciate my perspective relative to a blog post by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s educational columnist and blogger, Maureen Downey on her blog, “Get Schooled,” on January 4, 2017. (link: http://getschooled.blog.myajc.com/2017/01/03/state-may-call-students-illegals-but-fulton-judge-rules-otherwise-in-in-state-tuition-case/ )

Mary Elizabeth responds to Maureen Downey’s thoughts in the link above, as the first poster to Downey’s blog entry:

“Judge Gail S. Tusan, who made that empathetic and legal decision, appears to be a person of evolved consciousness.

That fact redeems my belief that the ‘better angels of our (human) natures’ will prevail, eventually, in our ongoing evolution as a species.

I pray that I am correct in my judgment. Hopefully, the election of Donald Trump as America’s 45th president is simply an aberration of that ongoing spiritual evolution. (Note: I recommend that all readers of this blog view President Obama’s farewell speech to the nation as America’s 44th president on January 10th or January 11th. I anticipate that this enlightened president will speak as much about his vision for our nation and world in years to come as he will address the legacy of his administration’s policies, which include compassion for all life on Earth.)”


The third poster’s remarks in reference to Mary Elizabeth’s post, above:

“I think trump’s ‘reign’ will certainly put some important American ideals to the test.” (I agreed with this poster’s assertion.)


A second poster’s remarks:

“‘DACA’ is nothing more than a dubious policy of an administration that will cease to exist in 16 days. It can be reversed with an executive order on the afternoon of the 20th, and moot this silly court order.The ‘policy’ itself is an unconstitutional usurpation of the role of the legislative branch, concocted by people who don’t believe in the separation of powers.”

Mary Elizabeth responds to the second posters’s remarks, above:

“Your rationalization argument sounds like the those of the white supremists during the Jim Crow era of Georgia’s past with its purification of separating powers, in that case the separation of states’ rights from those of the federal government.

Some of us have been blessed to see beyond “rational” thought to the souls of others with their limited kens. (Forgive the indulgence of my pun but with the lack of value placed on human rights of our next president, it seemed especially apt.) Human rights trump ‘separation of powers’ in any era.”

Jefferson: ‘Nothing is unchangeable except the inalienable rights of man.’ ”


The second poster responds to Mary Elizabeth’s remarks, above:

“The argument you recite pertains to federalism, not separation of powers, but don’t let details stand in the way of your emotions.”


Mary Elizabeth responds to the second poster’s remarks, above:

“You cannot see the connection. I knew well that I was comparing separation of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of our federal government with the separation of powers of the federal government with the powers of the states. You simply could not see abstractly enough to connect those particular dots into ideas worthy of comparison.

I do not care to get into a further debate with you, Lexi. I have learned in blogging on various AJC blogs that it is better if I do not indulge in conversation with unconscious people, whether they are educated or not. (Btw, being a conscious human being does not make one ’emotional.’ Quite the contrary, in fact.)”


A third poster’s comments in response to the column by Maureen Downey, given in the link above:

“I look forward to our legislators also parsing out the claim of other people who cross the state line into Georgia for the last year of high school for their kids so they can get in-state tuition. They have only paid ‘Georgia taxes’ for a year, but they get in state tuition. (Has the state discontinued the practice of letting kids in out of state, surrounding counties get in state tuition?) Yet many of these immigrant families have paid Georgia taxes for decades (how did their kids become such good students?). But let’s weed out ALL the ‘undeserving’ for in-state tuition! Let’s get rid of those who DIDN’T pay Georgia taxes as well–you know, the poor who get a tax refund every year! They should not be able to get in-state tuition!

You see what a mess?

BTW, I guess you can tell I think the DACA kids should also be eligible for federal and state (HOPE) financial aid. After all, many of them are much higher achievers than our ‘native’ sons and daughters!”


Mary Elizabeth’s response to the comments, above, of the third poster:

“You are on the road to thinking with an egalitarian, not a hierarchical, consciousness. I applaud your journey and I believe our Founding Fathers would, also.”

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