Advocating for Public/Government Healthcare and Public/Government Education

If this nation is ever to become the more perfect Union that it was designed to become, in finding harmony for egalitarianism within the ideas of both Hamilton (commerce) and Jefferson (human beings’ inherent rights), it must never relinquish public health insurance/care as offered through Obamacare or single payer if the ACA is repealed, Medicare, Medicaid.

I have no doubt that under the new administration’s Republican rule that commerce will thrive. However, the human rights (as communicated by FDR) part of the American Experiment/Equation may flounder and die if liberals do not hang tough for the continuation of public/government healthcare and public/government education.

I am presently reading the book by Nancy Isenberg entitled, “White Trash.” If you care to understand the history behind the class demarcations in America, I recommend this book to you, highly. On pages 145 – 146 of her book, Isenberg writes, “For (Hinton Rowan) Helper, economics dependent on one source of wealth created extreme class conditions. California mining (via the Gold Rush, especially) was worshipped in the same way that cotton and slavery had become the false deities of the South.” (Uneducated, lower class whites – and mixed races – dominated the South as well as California during the days of the California Gold Rush.)

I recalled that though Hamilton and Jefferson had similar goals for our nation regarding egalitarianism (the opposite of a class- based hierarchy), each Founding Father had a different vision of how to achieve that goal of egalitarianism for Americans. I put these thoughts together in one of my blog’s entries. (Link: ). Here are a few paragraphs from that entry, pertaining to Jefferson’s and Hamilton’s opposing visions and today’s political landscape:

“George Washington had said to Jefferson that he believed that the ideas of both Hamilton and Jefferson were pure and in the best interests of our nation, though each vision was the opposite perspective of the other. Washington, further, said that he wished that a line could be formed in which both of their differing visions for our nation could be incorporated instead of their pursuing separate lines of governance. That line has never been able to form whereby both the ideas of Hamilton and of Jefferson could prevail harmoniously together and their opposing ideas have always been in competition throughout our nation’s history. Today, we have it within our power to finally merge these two differing visions for America if the Republican Party and the Democratic Party can understand that NOW is the opportunity for America to fulfill Washington’s dream of unity and harmony between the ideas of Jefferson and Hamilton.

Hamilton pursued a course for America based on a strong central government in which commerce played a major part in building America’s status and greatness, which benefited the aristocracy, especially, although it also allowed for upward social advancement of the lower classes. On the other hand, Jefferson pursued a course of social democracy that was conducive to the advancement of the common man, especially, which reflected his views that all men, under God, were created equal.

Washington wisely saw that both commerce and goodness in social consciousness were necessary for America to thrive. The best in Donald Trump could possibly build better commerce in this world, with America leading the way in commercial endeavors. More importantly, imo, Jefferson’s social awareness and belief that all humanity is equal to one another, in God’s omniscient eye, is essential to making America a moral leader for this world. Hopefully, if the better angels of our nation’s people will prevail in this national crisis and hold our nation together as one union, the Utopian “line” of Washington’s dreams will finally form and commerce (Hamilton/today’s Republicans) and social consciousness of others, not just of ourselves (Jefferson/ today’s Democrats), will make our great nation the leader of the planet’s future, under God. But, this huge feat will take both of our political parties’ coming together to complete the forming of our more perfect Union for the betterment not only of ourselves, but for all of humankind.”

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One Response to Advocating for Public/Government Healthcare and Public/Government Education

  1. dbm1fromjaybookmansblog says:

    To the extent that Hamilton and/or Jefferson wanted to use strong government to achieve their goals, they were making a mistake. The best way to both strengthen commerce and protect everyone’s rights is to limit government to its proper function of protecting people from direct and indirect physical aggression.

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