President Obama’s Farewell Speech as President of the United States

Obama said in his Farewell Speech tonight that if political dialogue is framed only in terms of the white hard-working man versus the undeserving and not hard working black or brown man, then only the ultra-wealthy will benefit and move further into their private enclaves of wealth and power.

This is what the wealthy, powerful elite have always done to the working class white and people of color (Read “White Trash” by Nancy Isenberg). It is time for both groups to wake up to how they have both been used by the wealthy elite by dividing them and conquering both groups to serve them (the wealthy, powerful). We must now, finally, join together to make America greater than ever, in our common future. The tenets of America are the light of the world. The average man and woman of all races will show America the way forward.

Now, we move from class and high intelligence in our Commander-in-Chief to crassness and less intelligence in our 45th President. It is up to us, all of America’s citizens, to find common ground, our national creeds for inclusion and freedom, and continue those ideals into this world’s future. Barack Obama has pledged to stay the course for the rest of his life as a citizen, one with us. How perfect in symmetry for his life and for what our nation stands.

P.S. Watch his older daughter’s, Malia’s, development. She is going to be an outstanding woman.

Link to President Obama’s Farewell Speech to the nation:

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