“White Trash”

My thoughts as posted on Jay Bookman’s blog, January 12, 2017:

“I encourage every person who is still interested in reading books to read ‘White Trash.’ Your eyes will be opened as to how the ultra-wealthy have always deviously manipulated the poor in this nation to vote against their own best interests.

Some of us are simply more aware than others.

Remember when I wrote on this blog that we were on the right track with our socio-economic development in America in the 1960s with LBJ’s Great Society and War on Poverty. But, the ultra-wealthy do not really endorse egalitarianism. They support a hierarchical worldview in which, from “White Trash”: “Like breeds like.”

So we have had two world views in America from our very inception. We were evolving toward that more perfect Union in the 1960s but the rich such as the Koch Brothers et al contrived to rework this nation to serve the rich and their interests. To our discredit as ordinary Americans, we could not, or would not, see into their deepest motivations. And, we are still not stopping them because we continue to let them ‘divide and conquer’ as they acquire more wealth and greed of money and power.

ALEC was formed in 1972 to change all our state legislatures to Republican/Conservative as well as all of our governors. Barack Obama has had nothing to do with this change. Our own political naivete is what has created this mess we are now in in this nation. That, in combination, with more shriveled souls.


Link to Bookman’s blog on which I expressed my opinion: http://jaybookman.blog.myajc.com/2017/01/12/opinion-its-a-matter-of-priorities-wealth-over-health/

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