Thomas Jefferson, Donald Trump, and the American People

Donald Trump is such a force that, I believe, if Americans of every class, race, ethnic background, political persuasion, and religious belief do not stand together for the for democratic tenets inherent in our nation, we will lose our Republic, in essence if not in form, under his presidency.

The political tactic that Donald Trump used to become President of the United States is the same tactic the ultra-wealthy and powerful have always used to gain power and control over those less powerful than they are: divide and conquer. Every American citizen has more in common with every other American citizen, than we have differences, because we, as a collective force, are stronger together than the force of Donald Trump when we assert the inalienable rights of man (the ordinary citizen). My words are paraphrased from those of Thomas Jefferson.


“Our fate, dear Brutus, lies in ourselves, not in our stars.”

Mary Elizabeth’s opinion to another poster who said we do not know what Donald Trump believes:

“We do know what Donald Trump believes. He believes he is all-powerful and all-knowing. He believes in the power of money, of ruling, of bullying, of dividing. We know that his spiritual development has been arrested because he has lived a life of self-indulgence and things of this world only.

If one can read character, then one can read the future. That is not psychic. That is simply being educated. ‘Pride before the Fall’is as old as humankind, for individuals and for nations.”

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