On the Power of Love and Vision to Change the Trajectory of our World

Saving the following words from Jay Bookman’s blog on January 18, 2017, for editing later:

MaryElizabethSings 32 minutes ago
Intellect matters, folks. The caliber of Obama’s last press conference is full of ideas, and humane ideas.

How I dread listening to the voice of Donald Trump for the next 4 years. Not just because of the lack of sentence continuity, but mainly because of the lack of substantive ideas.

Obama had the grace to recognize the merit of Ellen Degeneres in advancing gay rights simply because she is a kind, aware, and brave person/citizen.

Ending his last press conference, now.

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stefpe 30 minutes ago
@MaryElizabethSings “Not just because of the lack of sentence continuity, but mainly because of the lack of substantive ideas.”

I find the former an insurmountable obstacle to determining the presence of the latter.

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MaryElizabethSings 29 minutes ago
@stefpe @MaryElizabethSings

And, both reflect a lack of substance of thought.

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Fly-On-The-Wall 28 minutes ago
@MaryElizabethSings @stefpe When ego is place above everything else, this is what you get.

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MaryElizabethSings 25 minutes ago
@Fly-On-The-Wall @MaryElizabethSings @stefpe

And, that kind of out-of-balanced ego is reflective of a very insecure person who is terribly aware of his inadequacies.

Pray for the people of our country to rise up, together, and save the presidency of Donald Trump and, thus, to save America for the future of humankind so that united, not divided, we shall not fail in our tenets through the gift of God’s grace, inspired through our common love for our country.

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Visual_Cortex 6 minutes ago
@MaryElizabethSings @Fly-On-The-Wall @stefpe

Hey, MES–just wanted to let you know, I did see your kind words to me way down below, earlier.

I’d really rather not get any more involved in the personal health issues here, however, so maybe let’s just leave it at that.

MaryElizabethSings 4 minutes ago
@Visual_Cortex @MaryElizabethSings @Fly-On-The-Wall @stefpe

Thank you for this post from you, VC. I just wanted you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you, and that will remain so. God bless.

Edit (in 1 minute)

rimsky 3 minutes ago
@Visual_Cortex @MaryElizabethSings @Fly-On-The-Wall @stefpe You will get more luv from this crowd than trump will ever get. Now I will shut up too.

rimsky 27 minutes ago

How I dread listening to the voice of Donald Trump


Don’t have to. You can bet whatever comes out that mouth is filth and lies.

Use the remote like I usually do.

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MaryElizabethSings 19 minutes ago
@rimsky @MaryElizabethSings

I can never put my head in the sand, rimsky, as to the evolution of our nation and our world, as it is occurring.

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rimsky 17 minutes ago
@MaryElizabethSings @rimsky Ms MES I can see the train wreck happening from miles away.

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MaryElizabethSings 12 minutes ago
@rimsky @MaryElizabethSings

As Jesse Jackson said so eloquently at the end of his campaign for the presidency in the 1980s, “Keep hope alive.”

Now, for the mystical Mary Elizabeth: I believe that the mental energy of thought, especially the combined mental energy of thought (or prayers) of the masses, can sway our future. Hope, faith, and love never fail. Fear, anger, and hate always fail, ultimately.

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rimsky 10 minutes ago
@MaryElizabethSings @rimsky You sound just like my mom used to. I mean it as a complement.

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MaryElizabethSings 9 minutes ago
@rimsky @MaryElizabethSings

Thank you, rimsky. I appreciate your words.

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Citizen-of-the-World 26 minutes ago
@MaryElizabethSings Yes, and the “well, he’s just not a good public speaker” excuse doesn’t fly. If you know what you’re talking about — with depth and breadth — you can articulate it just fine. Bush also had the fluency problem because he was not prepared in his mind.


It is so obvious that Trump has nominated those people who would destroy the very departments that they will head in his insane effort to destroy public “government” institutions for those of wealthy corporations.

Jefferson weeps.

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