President Donald Trump

What are the values that we will instill in our young people, the next generation of Americans? Will we confirm that the end justifies the means or, instead, will we teach them that there resides something in the soul of humankind which requires more than that?

Donald Trump has demonstrated that he is a man with a corrupted soul, imo. I did not watch his inaugural today nor his celebrations, thereafter. I try to keep as much corruption from my spirit as possible.

Donald Trump’s actions and words, which were so destructive and divisive to our nation throughout the Republican primaries and the general election, can never be forgotten but perhaps they can be forgiven. He owes this nation an apology for what he has done to wreak havoc in the emotional lives of so many Americans, and, if he does not check himself, I have no doubt that he will, also, be wreaking havoc in the physical lives of some Americans.

However, I believe that, through God’s grace, every human being is able to be redeemed, and I hope that Donald Trump will seek redemption for how he has modeled himself for all Americans in order that he might become President of the United States of America.


I also posted the following on Jay Bookman’s blog in response to his column regarding the inauguration of President Donald Trump, on January 20, 2017: (Link: )

“The differences in the visions for America of President Obama and President Trump are profound. Obama has a high order of intellect that is far-reaching and generous in spirit. Trump has a more limited intellect that perceives mainly in terms of winners and losers, a mind that is petty and full of cliches, combined with a spirit that is self-motivated and vindictive.

A high order of intellect matters in our presidents. Jefferson’s, Lincoln’s and Obama’s stand as shining examples.”


I posted the following on Jay Bookman’s blog on January 23, 2017:

“Donald Trump does not have the caliber of mind to understand that globalization is a phenomenon that is going to continue well into the future, even after he is dead.

Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama, however, did have the caliber of mind to understand that fact. That is why Hillary ran on a complex policy that would balance our oncoming globalization with bringing more jobs to Americans, particularly in hiring for infrastructure improvement and retraining our coal workers to more currently needed jobs. (I do not think even Bernie Sanders has that complexity of pragmatic thought that is needed today, morally righteous as he is. That is why I communicated that Hillary was steadier and more pragmatic than either Bernie or Trump.)

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MaryElizabethSings 17 minutes ago
Donald Trump was having a televised public conference with CEOs, not press people, around a conference table this morning in which the CEOs ask the questions of him, regarding free trade in this instance, instead of the press.

This is how the model of Hamilton (the business world) thinks. The business professional, like Trump, thinks that “real” leaders in America – who make money for themselves in their professional jobs – are to be the all-consuming American leaders. Trump does not value those who lead through working in the “public service” arena for little financial gain, personally, but prefer to serve people with their lives while they accrue retirement benefits.

That is why Trump is cutting so many government, federal jobs, and that is why he is trying to get a billionaire with no educational experience confirmed as his Secretary of Education. She wants to do away with traditional public education and instead put in action a business-controlled educational system throughout our nation (using public tax dollars to transform our educational systems).

Call 202-225-3121 today at the U.S. Capitol and protest the confirmation of Betsy DeVos, along with thousands and even 10s of thousands of other Americans who will be making the same phone calls. (Thanks for that level of Democratic organization, Michael Moore.)”

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