One World

Late last evening on MSNBC, Lawrence O’Donnell had a poet on his after midnight show (I did not catch his name) but this poet said that what is frightening to the American people is that they are coming to realize, with the election of Donald Trump, that even their sacred institutions may not keep them free. The only thing that will keep them free, they are coming to realize, is themselves, joined together, to assert that freedom.

Thomas Jefferson: “Nothing is unchangeable (including the Constitution itself) except the inalienable rights of man.”

Hillary Clinton lost the presidency by 80,000 votes which changed the dynamics of the Electoral College. However, she had nearly 3,000,000 more popular votes than Donald Trump for the presidency. “We, the people” spoke in the Women’s March on Washington (and throughout the world) on January 21, 2017. Our voices cannot be denied, nor our freedoms.


I posted the following words on Jay Bookman’s blog on January 21, 2017.


“It is so obvious that these marches throughout the world today were organic in spirit, not contrived. Any sensitive person could ascertain the differences in these marches and the Tea Party PR machine at work to “create” reality and truth after Obama was elected. (Even though many Tea Party people later were authentic in their beliefs of smaller government and paying off debt.)”

Poster 1: “Total 100% BS. These protest have been in the organizing stage since the day after the election and they were paid for my some of the left oligarchs. For you to be blind of these facts shows your lack of nuance and intelligence.”

MES to Poster 1: “No, it shows that YOU are not thinking with nuance. Just because something has been well-organized (like the Civil Rights “I have a Dream” March of 1963 which was highly organized), does not mean that these marches are not ALSO organic and that real people wish fervently to be present at them.

The nuance of understanding is that that was not the initial feeling behind the Tea Party marches. This organic desire has nothing to do with organization or who paid for the organization.”

Poster 1 to MES:
Just wait until the house bill that defunds Obamacare also defunds Planned parenthood. LOL
Just wait until Trump nominates Prior for the SCOTUS.”

Poster 2:

“Dammit, (Poster 1)! How many times do we have to tell you to think with nuance?
Go sit in the corner until you can think with more nuance.”

Mary Elizabeth Sings to Poster 1:

“Are you really so much into winning and losing, like in a football game? I really feel sorry for you. I don’t share your passion for “winning.” Your remarks, above, are simply sad to me.

Real people’s lives will be adversely affected by doing away with Obamacare and Planned Parenthood, as well as the composition of the U. S. Supreme Court.”

Poster 3 to Poster 1:
“You are the cancer that has grown on our government in the past 25 years.”

Poster 1 to Poster 3:
“I am a patriot that shares the same views as the founding fathers of this nation. The cancer is progressivesim. (sic)”

Poster 4 to MES:
“IMO, it is the progs that seem to be the most concerned about ‘winning and losing’.”

Poster 1:
“If you are not a winner then you are a loser. Your sheltered life in academia has made you delusional to what real life is all about.”

MES to Poster 1:
“You do not share the same views as our Founding Fathers. And, in my humble opinion, your spiritual views are not those of Jesus nor of God.”

MES to Poster 1:
“You are simply wrong about me. Just more cliched and shallow thought by you.

Poster 5 to Poster 1:
“You have reached ‘maximum fool’.
The next step is to melt and reform as a porta-pottie seat.”

Poster 1 to MES:
“The one thing I know in life is that Jesus Christ is my personal Lord and Savior. I also know that there is no way in hell that Jesus Christ would back the platform of abortion or gay marriage. If you think he would then you need to get right with the Lord.
I will tell you once again. I do not question your intelligence level when it comes to English because you have the credentials in that subject matter so stop questioning my understanding of History since that is where my credentials are way more impressive than your distorted understanding.”

Poster 5 to Poster 1:

“Ok, now you have reached ‘maximum fool’ (unless you have more stupid in your pocket).”

Poster 6:
“Wow. Look at tiny little Jonesborough, Tennessee today.

#WomensMarch Tri-Cities, Jonesborough, TN. Small-town Appalachia represent.
2:26 PM – 21 Jan 2017
373 373 Retweets 737 737 likes”

Poster 7 to Poster 6: “I have been to Jonesboro several times. My buddy’s nephew lives there They are predominantly Republican.”

Poster 8:
“Tennessee… state”

MES to Poster 8:

“There are pockets of Blue voices throughout the Red States, and vice versa. That is why we are now evolved politically to the point that we should do away with the Electoral College, imo.”

Poster 9 to MES:

“MES: ‘. . .we should do away with the Electoral College, imo.’
So it has nothing to do with the undesired result of this past election to you?

How long have you wanted to abolish the electoral college?”

MES to Poster 9:

“Time and thought evolve as the world evolves. We are not living in the same world today as Alexander Hamilton lived in. Hamilton was the designer of the Electoral College and even he tried to get it stopped but once launched, even Hamilton could not stop its being sealed in concrete. Now the world is getting smaller and people throughout the world know that they are becoming one, in things like food, climate, etc. Popular vote is more aligned with that evolutionary consciousness of today than is Electoral College.”

Poster 9 to MES:

“If we are all becoming one,

Why have states or countries with their own elections, why not one ruling body or government for all?”

MES to Poster 9:

“We are evolving. That means we have not arrived yet. We are in the process of becoming. I have no idea what kind of governmental framework that will take, decades or centuries from now, but I do have a strong spiritual feeling that we will start to see ourselves as Earthlings more than any other demarcation in the future. And, Martin Luther King was prophetic when he said we must live together as brothers or we will perish together as fools. That means we are one.

Poster 10 to Poster 9:
“I don’t know about MES, but I’ve wanted to eliminate that weirdness since I first heard of it. Remember the county unit system? it was declared unconstitutional long ago.”


I posted the following words on Jay Bookman’s blog on January 22, 2017:

“Donald Trump is a professional salesman. That means he knows how to BS.

That also means that he believes that if he tells enough people what the truth is (‘millions at my inauguration’), often enough, then most people will start embracing his truth as THE truth, even if it is not. That is how he has made his millions; that, and being the biggest bully of ‘charm’ in the room. Superficial nonsense, not really related to truth.

What is so sad to me is that Hillary is genuinely a real person with ideas to help others but because she did not have the BS gift, she lost. People as a group can be fools.”


My thoughts about the One World to be on Jay Bookman’s blog on January 23, 2017:

“Here is a point of irony that I would like others to consider:

In President Obama’s vision for this nation and this world, we as a globe would move from domination and submission between nations and human beings into a growing egalitarianism to, together, work through our common problems. That vision would probably diminish America’s dominant position in the world, temporarily, but in the long run, America would gain additional respect and moral authority for leading the world in this evolving consciousness of humankind.

Now, we have elected Donald Trump as our president, and he has the opposite vision for America. He wants, as he said in his inaugural address, to look after ONLY America’s interests in the world. (The word “ONLY” was not in print in his formal speech, but Trump inserted “only” into his inaugural address, verbally, as he spoke.)

By taking that point of view, with his words, he will probably alienate people of goodwill throughout the globe in respect for America. America, in the long run, will be diminished, in my opinion, not by Obama’s vision but by Trump’s. God does work in mysterious ways. As we become a world community, it will be necessary that egalitarianism, not domination and submission, control our common future. Ironically, it will be Obama AND Trump who will insure this change in trajectory of how America fits in to the community of nations of this world. One of many. As it should be. If we lead, it must be by moral authority of compassion for all.”

Poster 12:
“Kim-bye-ahhhh stuff led FDR to give Eastern Europe to the the USSR leading to decades of the Cold War.

Wake up. World is full of dirtbags, who only understand the pointy end of a bayonet.

Ours needs to be big, sharp, with dirtbag blood dripping off of it. Otherwise we’re doomed.”

Poster 13 to Poster 12: “chump may grant your wish. So you have any family members in the military?”

Poster 12 to Poster 13:
“I have tri-folded flags of relatives displayed on my wall. Buried with military honors.
Do you have a point?”

MES to Poster 12:

“The people and nations of this world are definitely doomed if we adhere to your vision of this world.
I believe FDR was near death and did not have the energy to contest the USSR leader, Stalin, at that threesome conference with Winston Churchill, also, in attendance.” FDR could only leave Eastern Europe’s destiny to the future and hope for the best. That is all he had left to give. At Malta (Yalta Conference), FDR’s primary goal was not to have the U. S. alienated from Russia in the aftermath of WWII.”

Poster 12 to MES:
“Patton said he would have kicked their as s in short order. Rooskies worst army ever. I believe him.”

MES to Poster 12:

“That is why the military men/women (with their penchant for war), and the business women/men (with their penchant for wealth), must never be the primary leaders of government in a democratic-republic such as ours, especially as we evolve in consciousness toward compassion for all.”

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