The Business Mind in Government

Late January, 2017, I wrote:

I have to comment on the mess our businessman, for-profit president is now doing to create ill-will, and enemies, to the United States with his ban on people of certain Muslim nations from entering our nation.

Business people may be good in business, but, for the most part, they do not need to be running our governmental institutions, imho. Usually, they lack the intellectual gift of a sense of history, and the degree of compassion, which are needed to govern this nation wisely and to be a leader in this world who is respected, from what I have already seen of Donald Trump’s leadership as president.

We must keep the business mind from taking over our public schools because, with their often vainglorious arrogance and wealth, they usually cannot see how the public sector is not where their gifts lie. Government, or the public sector, is not one of their gifts because the public sector is service-oriented, not profit-oriented. Thomas Jefferson knew that well, as he held his own against business genius Alexander Hamilton, as a strong counter-balance to the commercial ideas of Hamilton, in favor of his Jeffersonian ideas of public education for all Americans and egalitarianism for humankind.


On February 2, 2017, I wrote the following on Jay Bookman’s blog: (Link: )

“Unfortunately, the business mind is so arrogant, imo, that it perceives that only that kind of mind is capable of running anything. Trump falls into that category. The reason for the Republican goal of cutting government to the bone decades ago, was because their business minds believed that if you worked for the government you contributed little of value to society and that you were a “taker,” or a leech, upon the private sector who supports us all. Thus, we have fallen for that hype and elected a billionaire who is the most famous businessman on Earth as our president, and his wife does not care to live in the White House.

Am I the only one who sees the spiritual emptiness of this kind of thinking? Generally speaking, government workers are service-oriented people. They contribute as much to our world as does the private sector, maybe more so, in the long run.

With most of the words that I write on this blog, I see myself as speaking the governmental vision of Thomas Jefferson (ironically to the purists who only see Jefferson’s mind supporting states’ rights in a narrow sense) against the governmental vision of Alexander Hamilton, who understood brilliantly business, but would never be able to understand government’s role in helping to create a “more loving and harmonious world” as Jefferson had stated to the King of England, in 1774.

We had better start to appreciate the value of Jefferson’s brilliant mind as much, if not more than Hamilton’s, or we are going to destroy ourselves and our planet with the business mind in isolation from anything truly spiritual, and I am not referring to religious dogma.”


Another of my post’s on Jay Bookman’s blog on Feb. 2, 2017:

“Businessman, ‘Nam51,’ far below, wrote that the world is better off when America takes the lead in the world. I answered him with my thought that he lacked evolutionary vision.

Barack Obama had that evolutionary vision. President Obama knew that the world was becoming a community of nations, great and small, in which each one would have an egalitarian voice on the world’s stage. President Obama tried to show American’s and the world’s population, that the best way for America to lead was through modeling that visionary consciousness, as we moved forward as a world community. That means that America would henceforth not be a bully on the world’s stage, dominating every nation it cared to dominate. Moral authority is the greatest power on Earth, even greater than military power, as our first president George Washington well knew when he relinquished his power upon victory in the Revolutionary War, and when he stepped down as U. S. president after two terms only, in that role. Washington was a man of great humility.

Now, we have the opposite kind of leader on the world’s stage in Donald Trump, braggart, bully, and businessman who believes the world is better when America leads by force, not by spiritual strength.

Here is what I think. By Obama’s success in his modeling a world’s leader who has the vision of egalitarianism on the planet and by Trump’s failure to lead effectively in modeling a world’s leader who sees America as the world’s bully-in-chief in implementation, together these two most recent American presidents will reveal God’s plan for America to lead by moral authority and by humility of the authentic kind. God works in very mysterious ways. Observe it from a distance. Quite revealing.”


Another couple of posts of mine on Jay Bookman’s blog, Feb. 2, 2017:

“Trump is casting America as the world’s victim when he states that most of the nations of the world have taken advantage of the U.S. and laughed at America. How sad. Most white racists think they are victims. Now, Trump is going to correct that image by talking “tough.”

The world has grown past Trump’s perceptions and insecurities. They are going to see him for the little, crass man who he is. There is little nobility in his thinking. He is about to create a self-fulling prophecy with America’s reputation.


That self-fulfilling prophecy would be that America will become seen throughout the world as being as small a country as its leader, Trump, in the future, because of his “talking tough” publicly with America’s allies, but failing to talk tough with Putin. (Trump has the bully characteristics of a coward, I might add.)”

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