Quotes from her latest book, “Above the Line,” by Actress/Writer Shirley MacLaine

I just completed reading, “Above the Line: My ‘Wild Oats’ Adventure,” written by actress/writer Shirley MacLaine once she had completed filming “Wild Oats,” on the Canary Islands last year. Some believe that the Canary Islands are the remnants of the ancient ‘Atlantis,’ which was the inspiration for Shirley MacLaine’s taking the acting job there and writing her latest book, from which I will now quote:


“I feel catastrophic change coming. I feel 2017 to 2020 is the turning point. Then there will be a new world. I can’t feel how many people will be gone or why. I would like to see what the realignment of countries looks like. I’ve been told by several astrocartographers that the South Pacific and Australia will be safe.

I feel I’m preparing for a huge change in understanding, Vibrations and energy will soon be different.

The weather everywhere is speaking to change. Something has definitely shifted. Many coastal regions will be underwater and mountains will slip.

We are addicted to physical reality, materialism, and three-dimensional level of reality has layers of truth like an onion. Obviously the third dimension is more dense, like our living experience, so dense that we are burdened by it. We are living in a state of layers of fear. Fear lowers our vibrational energy, therefore we become more controllable.

People who control our material existence on Earth have designed methods of creating fear. We see it every day. I believe it is their designed task to keep us confused and in a state of controlled fear.

I also believe an open heart will become the new brain. Innately we know what is true and what is not. The heart will become the center of intelligence. That is the new reality.

I’m understanding more deeply that nonphysical reality is influencing physical reality. We need to allow our hearts and bodies to be dowsers of the truth. We need to ‘feel’ the truth of our human data. Most of us have been tap-dancing to someone else’s tune.

We think that we are free of tyranny. But we are the tyrannizers of ourselves. I believe the media is mostly giving us senseless entertainment so that we don’t bother to think. Something like the Roman games, a distraction from what is actually going on.

I feel a deep rift between the power of individual free expression and the power of the collective receivers. I feel the top priority is thought to be material survival and enjoyment. People with these priorities do not want to know the Big Truths.

I believe our dreams are a playground for potential realities. Dreaming and imagination are a fluid state of reality. We shop for a potential reality in a dream state. . . . I love to stir my intelligence with imagination.

I believe it is time to turn our ship of state in a more positive direction, using our internal light as a carrier of true information. The entirety of our planet will be riding with a new reality. . . .

I will listen to my heart intelligence. I believe it will help me align with the Bigger Truths. I believe that ET star nations are again worried over the future of humanity and unsure about how much they should influence us.

My conclusion: each of us has the innate power to understand and be in control of our own future and destiny by understanding the Big Truth that resides within each of us.” (pp. 211 – 213)


P.S. At some point in her book, Shirley MacLaine states the belief that the chaos in human consciousness is affecting the chaos in the Earth’s reactions, and perhaps vice versa.

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2 Responses to Quotes from her latest book, “Above the Line,” by Actress/Writer Shirley MacLaine

  1. There’s a lot of very vague stuff here. Maybe there’s a little meat as well.

    If one of the things Shirley MacLaine is saying is that we should be guided by our emotions rather than our reason, that is a recipe for catastrophe. If she is saying something else instead, a clarification would be helpful.

    • I appreciate your comments on my blog, dbm1, but to be frank with you, Shirley MacLaine has explored ways of seeing the full dimensions of existence most of her life beyond the strictly rational so that, since you have rejected that way of seeing most of yours, I do not think that you would easily “get” her thinking.

      However, if you are truly interested in exploring realms of existence beyond our accepted givens, I would recommend that you begin by reading “The Autobiography of Carl Jung” which contains his true experiences into the mystical.

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