On Women’s International Day, 2017

Report from Rachel Maddow Show this evening. Our new Secretary of State, businessman and billionaire, and associate of Vladimir Putin, Rex Tillerson does not have a deputy Secretary of State and has fired 4 of the top state department personnel who have had a total of 150 years of state department service to our nation. The U. S. State Department is now shrinking, and through design, imho. The budget for diplomacy through our state department has been cut by a third by President Trump. Secretary of State Tillerson has refused to answer questions from respected reporter Andrea Mitchell twice during photoshoots in the White House within the last week, alone.

Ladies, know what is going on in our world, without having it sugar-coated. Look at the hard truth, rawly and straight in the eye. It is going to take all of us together to save this democratic governmental union for the world’s future, and we must join together to fight against autocratic governments in our world, not just for women but for all people everywhere.


To all young women:

Know deep inside yourselves that you were born on this Earth to be more than sexual objects and images to satisfy the sexual fantasies of immature men, and you should accept no less of yourselves individually than to live out who you are uniquely and in full.

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