Read “Dark Money” to become politically aware of the reasons behind America’s dramatic political change over the past four decades

I want to try to educate this reading public as to what has happened to our nation to turn it so conservative toward the free market’s imposing itself upon every aspect of American institutional life, including that within the educational arena in the past four decades. This conservative change has not occurred by natural evolution; it has taken place as a result of deliberate design by some of the most wealthy people in America who were determined to change the trajectory of this nation’s future toward capitalism, exclusively, in every American institution, including education

In order for readers to understand what has been happening so that they do not remain politically naive, I am encouraging all may who read this post to read Jane Mayer’s recently published book entitled, “Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires behind the Rise of the Radical Right.”

Here is the link from Amazon from which you may read more information. I urge you to listen to the sound of Mayer’s voice (I assume it is her voice) as she mentions the Olin Foundation and its plan for implanting a conservative agenda to influence America’s future by infiltrating the hallmark institutions of higher education.

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