Shooting Them, First, Would Be Kinder

I posted the following on Jay Bookman’s blog on March 14, 2017:

” A poster stated, earlier, that the top 10% create 80% of the wealth in this nation through their taxed income. Many agreed with him that these people deserve what they earn and those who do not contribute more in taxed income deserve what they get.

Has it ever occurred to him and to those who think as he does that the salary demarcations assigned in our nation are off-kilter? Perhaps, we should not be allowing CEOs to gather as much of the overall wealth as they do, and perhaps the workers should be paid much more.

Otherwise, if you take this poster’s reasoning to its most pure form, then we should be justified in lining up the sick, disabled, old and poor into a long line (maybe stretching across the Mexican border), and machine gun those American citizens to death since they do not deserve to live, not being part of the top 10%. (sarcasm)

This poster has perverted Jesus’ teachings into something that Jesus would never recognize.

He should save his soul by opening his heart.”

This poster’s response to Mary Elizabeth:

“1: My soul is saved. I accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior and I know with 100% certainty that Jesus has written my name in the Lambs book of life and I know where I will be spending eternity. How about you?

2: People are paid by their skill sets . The more unique and in demand your skill set is the more money you make. If you have a problem with what people make then you need to take it up with the society at large because they are the ones that determine the demand for a particular skill set.”


Mary Elizabeth’s response to the poster’s remarks:

“I predicted exactly what you would write in response, td, because you have answered in rote the same way over the years.

I am sorry, but I do not believe your words. Words are only vehicles for consciousness communicated, and your parroting scripture from the Bible does not indicate to me that you have spiritual consciousness.

In terms of skill sets, computers will be taking over most persons’ possible skill sets in the next two decades and many people on Earth will have no skill sets that are required for existence on the planet. Should we just let those people starve to death until the “dregs” of society are gone? Shooting them first would be kinder.”


The other poster’s response to my comments above:

“You believe what you like because I am secure in my faith and my acceptance of Christ and not afraid to proclaim it in public.

There are plenty of skills that computers will not be able to do like plumbers and computer techs.

What happened with the industrial revolution when machines replaced millions of field laborers? Did those “dregs” starve to death or did they develop new skill sets? One thing that happened was people decided they no longer needed to have families of 6, 8, 10 plus children to work on the farms.

Times change, technology changes and people find different roles in society.”


My closing remarks to the poster’s comments, above:

“All easy answers, regarding both the nature of faith and the coming technological world, which have not undergone exploration in depth from you, imo.”

“To readers, I just think that this poster’s Christianity in following Jesus should be reflected in his thoughts and actions if he had explored Jesus’ teachings in depth. That I do not think he has done, and the shallowness of his Christianity is having a negative affect on others instead of the positive affect that Jesus’ life, and even the life of MLK, who also followed Jesus’ teachings, had in the lives of others.”

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One Response to Shooting Them, First, Would Be Kinder

  1. If income is off kilter, the cure is to eliminate the mixed-economy statism and pressure-group warfare that create the distortions. We can do this by establishing a true free market, that is, laissez-faire capitalism.

    I don’t know exactly what td said. I know I disagree with the Christian part of his premises.

    If there is anyone who would truly prefer to die, they should be free to kill themselves. As long as they choose not to kill themselves, it is murder to do it “for” them. It is not so very different from murder to encourage them to take so overly pessimistic a view of their prospects that they prefer to die.

    I recommend the works of Ayn Rand, especially The Virtue of Selfishness and Capitalism, the Unknown Ideal, for a better explanation of why people are entitled to what they earn in a free market and why it is wrong to use government force to redistribute income or wealth.

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