On President Trump’s Decision to Bomb Syria on April 6, 2017

Much attention and praise has been give to Donald Trump in his decision to bomb Syria, especially noting that he acted when President Obama did not act because he “feels” so deeply. I will not judge President Trump on his depth of feeling regarding the injustice and cruelty displayed by Assad in using chemical weapons against children. Trump’s emotions may be valid and pure in spirit, but I have lived long enough to observe that grace is built upon a series of one’s actions throughout one’s life, not simply on a sentimental gesture of the moment. Donald Trump, with his unique moral flaws just as we each have our own, may have shown grace in this instance, but his life has not reflected grace, as a whole.

It is my belief that God is in control. It is not for me to judge President Trump’s relationship to God and to others in what he has chosen to implement here. We shall all find out, together, if Donald Trump’s decision will be a positive one for humankind’s future, or not, in the long run.

I do know, however, that President Obama has lived a life of grace and compassion, and that he had given this world guidelines in which to establish a more peaceful and loving world in his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech in 2009. The differences in the spirits and intellects of these two American presidents will never be forgotten by me. I shall observe closely as our common future is being played out.

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