Good Friday Reflections on America’s and this world’s future with Donald Trump as president

Once more I will bring up the thought that God works in very mysterious ways, which seems especially apt on Good Friday, 2017.

The world seems to recognize that America is at its most vulnerable with a man of Donald Trump’s sensibilities at its helm.

Perhaps, ironically, with the world and most Americans seeing that America – the previous moral leader of this world, at least in its aspirations – has fallen so low, that this will bring forth a world community which will understand that humanity must work together to save not only American influence in the world (with its best tenets and not its worst instincts) but humanity, itself.

President Obama did all that he could to bring the world to the recognition that world peace, today, can only be achieved through communion and communication, not through war and division.

With Donald Trump as America’s president, that reality becomes painfully obvious. Thanks be to God and His Holy Spirit.

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