On the Dangers of Sexism and Racism to Our Common Future

Posted first by Mary Elizabeth on Jay Bookman’s blog, April 22, 2017:

On the danger of SEXISM and MISOGYNY to our world’s stability:

“This world does need more more stability and less craziness. That is what Hillary would have given the “world.” Instead we have the erratic and juvenile Donald Trump as our leader.

The misogynists and sexists couldn’t handle Hillary as president. She was too strong, had too much “ego,” and was too blunt for their tastes, which are the opposite of the culturally-ordained norms by which women must abide to be appreciated, norms such as humility and servitude, and nurturing of husband and children, which misogynistic men (and women) have never grown out of accepting as valid for all women. People loved the ego of Theodore Roosevelt and even of Franklin Roosevelt, but they could also see, not only the drive and ambition and leadership of these dominant men, but also their large hearts and love of humanity’s vulnerable, underneath their huge egos.

Not so, however, with Hillary Clinton or with Nancy Pelosi, because these women have egos, and insist on being their authentic selves, with their uniques capabilities, intelligence, and leadership that surpass those of most men.

Well, look where the values of misogynistic men and women have gotten America and the world today – crazy Donald Trump, the most “macho” man in this world, or so he would think.

Our values toward women MUST change. The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our Stars, but in Ourselves, and our own limited perceptions of the character, in-depth, of human beings, and of ourselves. Racism will not “cut it” any longer and neither will sexism.”


Another poster’s (a male’s) response to MES:
“Karen Handel thanks you for your support.”


“I see, with complexity, people as individuals, first. Karen Handel runs a poor 3rd to JON OSSOFF’S character, intelligence, and leadership.

You, on the other hand, see people as caricatures and stereotypes, or you could not have made that statement.”


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