The Holy Spirit Is Within All Things

Below are the memories of a family friend who wrote this message about my dying mother (late stages of Alzheimer’s Disease ten years ago) to my brother today:

“You, my husband (and your best friend), and I visited your mother in North Georgia when she was in a nursing facility there. We were with her maybe an hour. She didn’t speak, or acknowledge our presence, although you and my husband revisited special times with her. It was a sweet/sad visit, as we were so glad to see her, but knew it would possibly be our last. It was especially sad for my husband (and your best friend since you were both 8 years old), as he had always considered her his second mother. As we left, he leaned over, kissed her on the cheek, and said, ‘I love you, Mrs. _____.’ She looked at him, and said, ‘I’ve always loved you,’ as she called him by his first name. I will never forget that.”


My words in response to my brother upon receiving the true story today of our mother when she was 85 years old (10 years ago) in the last months of her life:

“I will always treasure knowing that. Please thank our friend for sharing this story with all three of Mother’s children.

This is even more evidence, to me, that there are areas of the brain that understand much more than we know, even with severe disability. I hope more people will come to understand that fact. Also, this story of Mother’s response reinforces my belief that animals know so much more than we humans realize that they know. We need to forgo our vain and limited understanding that intelligence is everything. The Holy Spirit is in all things – humans, animals, plant life, and even within the crust of the Earth, itself. In connecting more with the Holy Spirit, we come to that realization with greater insight than through our minds, alone.”

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