The Interconnection and the Mutual Survival of all Life on Earth

The below thoughts are what I wrote initially on Jay Bookman’s blog in response to his article in the following link. Link:


The people of the world seem to have a collective consciousness as well as an individual consciousness.

Brexit is the same symbol of holding to one’s own, even perhaps in being superior to others. I am not sure about the superiority. I am sure about the fear of losing one’s self-survival and the need for protecting it.

The two polarizations in which those with a spiritual or mystical ken, as I have, have thought about and weighed since childhood:

–The pull for self-survival vs. the pull toward helping our neighbors–

That philosophical dichotomy is as old as humankind, and now the world consciousness is leaning toward protecting one’s self.

The irony is that now, in the world’s evolution, we will not survive individually unless we commit ourselves to the survival of all the other life on Earth, as well as our own selves. We are that interconnected today. Some of us see that, and have seen that, for some time. Others have yet to learn it.

God truly works in mysterious ways. We do better spiritually and intellectually if we simply see what is occurring and leave the judging of others, and of ourselves, to our Creator.

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