Reflections on “What Is Beauty”?

Here are my reflections on what beauty entails as I posted on Jay Bookman’s blog on Sunday, April 30, 2017:

“I could write a thesis on why the misogynistic men and women of the Far Right, as exemplified through the old FOX News, glorify physical beauty in women who are their commentators – because beautiful women, on the outside, have Power in the world.

That kind of thinking, regarding both beauty and power, is a perversion of love. God is love.”


Two posters asserted to MES that “character,” or “intelligence,” are preferred over “beauty.”

MES responded to these two posters, thus:

“My point was that when we think in dichotomies, we automatically pit ideas, or even people, into rigid and falsely-assigned categories that are not consistent with the symphony of life, itself. An analogy: Hearing only the strings, or the horns, or the piano, and not the symphony as a whole.

Beauty, intelligence, and character can be appreciated for their own values independently of one another, or in harmony with one another.”


“The public does love physical beauty in anything, women included, but not necessarily because of the power behind that physical beauty. Some people, like myself, appreciate beauty in anything, because of aesthetics, not because of power.

Too many people are easily programmed in their thinking. I remember the days in which black people, of all shades, were considered to be ugly, even by many in the black race. Why do you think the phrase, ‘Black is Beautiful,’ was necessary to be projected upon society? Reason: To change the perceptions of the masses as to what beauty entails. And, black is beautiful, as are all of the other colors in existence.”


“Donald Trump, imo, simply wants power. He wants to be all-powerful throughout the Universe.

In mythology and in theology, Lucifer, the angel most close to God, desired to be more powerful than God. The hubris of Lucifer caused his Fall from grace to become King of Hell, or of the Underworld.

Watch that Trump’s perceptions do not take you to that Underworld with him.”

Another poster to MES:

“MES. I was thinking the other day. He used to own a beauty pageant. I think he wants to be beauty queen. Seriously.”


Mary Elizabeth Sings response to that poster:

“Trump is so psychologically unhealthy, imo, that he is beyond gender or sexuality. He simply glorifies in being the most powerful – whether in ruling, in wealth, or in caricatured images of beauty, as long as he can be #1 and have that power.

He will destroy us if we fail to understand his psychology. This Cassandra is trying to let others see before it is too late.


“For all readers of this (Jay Bookman’s) blog:

When I try to be pleasantly accommodating to other posters, I often miss an opportunity, as below, to present my ideas in the depth to which they deserve.

That is the reason, to some, I appear to be ‘condescending,’ but theirs is a shallow perception of who I am and what I am about. I am a true egalitarian, not condescending to others in how I think either of myself or of others. However, my thought processes, and thus my words, must reflect the deepest I have to offer, not simply be offered as vehicles to refute the poorly-thought-through ideas of hubris seen in me by some others.

I corrected my misjudgment on how I should write on this blog in my response to two posters who addressed me(regarding the concepts of beauty, intelligence, and character) and, as a result, they both have now received the quality of response which they, and others, deserved from me.”


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