President Obama accepts the Kennedy Center’s Profile in Courage Award, May 7, 2017

Here is the link to President Obama’s Speech when he accepted the Kennedy Center Profiles in Courage Award yesterday. I urge everyone to listen to the whole broadcast with Caroline Kennedy, her son Jack Schlossberg (who is a remarkable vision and voice of the man for whom he was named, John F. Kennedy, his son John Kennedy, Jr., Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, and of course his mother and father Caroline Kennedy and Ed Schlossberg, who is a creative force today at the Kennedy Center), singer songwriter James Taylor and his wife, and the exceptional speech, once again, by President Obama.

People often, here, read my words of the United States before greed and self-interest became more important than public service. Those years were the Kennedy years which President Obama explains and exemplifies in his own vision for our nation and world. I hope you will take the time to view this link, from a streaming live broadcast yesterday, to understand more fully another time in the history of our nation, in which courage, inspiration, and public service prevailed, and can again prevail if we stay the course of the dreams shared in President Obama’s speech:

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