Donald Trump and Russia

I believe that Donald Trump is guilty of collusion with the Russian government to become America’s 45th president. All the actions that he has taken, related to this issue, are my reasons. Nothing less than collusion makes sense to me, considering his words and actions.

I hope that our democracy can survive this man’s malevolent intent to destroy so many institutions of our government while favoring making deals for profit throughout the world.

For nearly a half century, the far right of the Republican Party has attempted to convince the unthinking public that their government is their enemy, and that the business mind is much more capable of effectiveness in everything that it endeavors than is government. I hope that the destructiveness of businessman Donald Trump to America and his business partners in Russia, as well as Russia’s Foreign Ministers who laughed at Andrea Mitchell’s journalistic questions of them today – before simply walking away from her without responding, along with our own Secretary of State Tillerson – have demonstrated to the American people that the business mind is often not only mercenary but arrogant in the extreme and has no idea of the value of public service to nations.

America’s Founding Fathers knew of the value of public service when they formed this democratic Republican form of government over two centuries ago.

God help us all to have the courage to keep it.

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One Response to Donald Trump and Russia

  1. dbm1fromjaybookmansblog says:

    Both business and government have been corrupted and distorted by mixed-economy statism and the resulting pressure-group warfare. The longer this continues, the more destructive it becomes.

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