Inspired by Bruce Springsteen

Listen to and enjoy this song by Bruce Springsteen which AJC columnist and blogger presented on his Friday Night Music forum, May 19, 2017. The spiritual and musical elements are outstanding. Here are my words, below, that were inspired by the link to Bookman’s Friday Night entry: (Link: )

“Excellent music. Loved the piano and the horn, especially. What a message!

And, bear in mind that today’s online NY Times says that if Antarctica’s ice collapses (soon), every coastal town on this Earth will be affected!

Time for the whole world to get together and realize we do not have a moment to spare. Together, we MUST move toward egalitarian consciousness, which joins all, instead of continuing an outdated hierarchical consciousness, which categorizes human beings by ill-perceived status that separates human beings, as well as separates all other life forms.

Time, also, for all people on this planet to realize that the science of climate change is very real and could destroy us all if we are so foolish as to believe the industrialists that climate change is a hoax so that they can have more money for themselves.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Now, to listen to Bruce and company one more time!


I do not have a wide selection of music to share here, but I would like to share Picasso’s “The Old Guitarist,” from his Blue period, not only because his art is so impacting, but because this painting is a reminder that life is fleeting for everyone, and that we all play many parts in the course of our individual lives, as Shakespeare observed and wrote.

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