Why too many ultra-conservatives are now erroneously claiming Thomas Jefferson as their mentor

A conversation between myself and another poster, a born-again Christian and a political conservative, regarding how the mind of Thomas Jefferson perceived, on Jay Bookman’s blog, of the Atlanta Journal Constitution on May 28, 2017 (Link: http://jaybookman.blog.myajc.com/2017/05/27/opinion-ok-maybe-there-really-was-collusion/ )

One German perspective on the danger Donald Trump poses to the world. Again, I ask, “How could so many Americans have voted for such s person?”


Poster #1 to Mary Elizabeth:
You do not see that it is Germany that is trying to lead the way on globalism and globalism is what Jefferson opposed to his very core.

Mary Elizabeth to Poster #1:
You see Jefferson as a one dimensional cartoon character. I am weary of your pontifications about how Jefferson would think In today’s world.


Poster #1 to Mary Elizabeth:
I see Jefferson as for what he was. An intellectual giant that thought government was the enemy of the liberties of a free person.

You cannot deny this simple truth.

Mary Elizabeth to Poster #1

Below I will paraphrase Jefferson’s words which I have posted on this blog many times: Jefferson: Every generation has the right and duty to form the government that is most promotive to its own happiness. Nothing is unchangeable over time but the inalienable rights of Man.

MES: Globalization has many factors and some of those factors may be promotive to the happiness of tomorrow’s future generations. Jefferson understood well the evolution of human consciousness. He was a progressive who considered himself to be liberal not status quo with frozen views as you are portraying his mind, erroneously just as you erroneously interpret the words of God.

Poster # 1 to Mary Elizabeth
Jefferson would be what is known today as a Libertarian and there are many Libertarian scholars that have posted well researched and documented evidence to those facts.

Mary Elizabeth to Poster # 1
Jefferson’s mind transcended the various labels lesser men and women have assigned to him.

Poster #1 to Mary Elizabeth:
And you just labeled him a progressive globalist above.

Jefferson was not a modern day big government progressive and he detested what would be the modern day globalism because he thought a powerful central government was a certain way to deprive the rights and liberties of the people.

And no Globalism is a way for the elites, powerful and the rich to maintain their power and to usurp the liberties of the average working man and woman.

Mary Elizabeth to Poster #1
No, I did not label Jefferson. I paraphrased his own words. You are misreading just as you often misinterpret.

And, you think In sweeping generalities which is intellectually abhorrent to me.

Good night.

Poster #2:
I read that last week – BTW, Der Spiegel published that BEFORE Trump’s clusterf*** performance at NATO and the G7.

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5 Responses to Why too many ultra-conservatives are now erroneously claiming Thomas Jefferson as their mentor

  1. It’s hard to tell exactly what is included under “globalism”. Free trade and freedom of movement, including across borders, are good libertarian policies. But does what’s known as “globalism” also include some government interferences of which libertarians would disapprove? If we are going to argue about globalism, we need a good, clear definition of it.

  2. The answer to your question, “How could so many Americans have voted for such a person?”, is that too many people are emotion-guided instead of reason-guided.

  3. What you call, “emotion-guided” relative to Donald Trump’s election, I call deeply rooted bias and prejudice which has foregone morality.

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