Man-made Climate Change and Donald Trump

I posted the following thoughts on Jay Bookman’s blog on climate change on May 31, 2017: (Link: )

“I recall that years ago on this blog I mentioned that the group ALEC (composed of CEOs and Republican legislators to cut government to the bone and expand business profits and interests) had formed an alliance with other ultra-wealthy, ultra-conservative people, such as the Koch Brothers, and groups to alter the vision for America, beginning in the 1970s. My argument was that this political movement would change the course of American ideology and ideals from altruism of the 1960s to the self-serving greed of the 1980s and beyond. We can see that that assessment was correct and the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States is only reflective of the destruction that combination of wealthy CEOs and greedy legislators has done to our once great nation.

Jay Bookman, at that time, argued that the change in technological advancement in those years was the driving force of change in America’s political landscape. Perhaps, now, even Bookman can see that this movement toward America’s self-destructive greed which has changed the soul of America happened not by natural technological advancement, primarily, but by devious political machinations of the Republican Party’s highest leadership.”


“I hope everyone is paying attention.

Now you see what the business mind, who only thinks business, is doing in destroying our great nation for personal profit through observing Donald Trump in action.

This is the reason that Thomas Jefferson held so firm in his beliefs against the economic and business mind of Alexander Hamilton and the elitist leanings of personal prestige of both George Washington and John Adams.

I say once more, “Thank God that Thomas Jefferson lived when he did and held the mental force and brilliant ideas that continue to make America live up to her highest angels, and not her lowest demons, which money and power will invariably corrupt.”

If one can read inference, then one should be able to see why I do not support a business model for public education and public schools. The primary purpose of education is to insure enlightenment and that enlightenment includes understanding political machinations BEFORE they have time to do their damage, as in not controlling climate damage created by human industry and human greed.”


Poster #1 to Mary Elizabeth:

It’s all pieces of the same pie. For instance, ALEC and tech advances make it easier (for example) for the Great Ratf##king of 2010 to happen, where the GOP used awesome new software to draw a bunch of districts to ensure their grasp of in subsequent mid-terms; but they used ALEC to recruit and polish up specific candidates (Jody Ernst comes to mind).

And of course ALEC wrote a bunch of hideous state and federal legislation to help conservatives in their endless quest to redistribute money upward.

It’s not just ALEC, it’s a bunch of think tanks providing cover for their BS “research” and a bunch of other stuff we’ll only learn about a decade from now.

Mary Elizabeth in response to the comments of Poster #1:

I am, and have been, aware all that you have written.

It never was a dichotomy between technology and stealthy political machinations that have created our present world, but, imho, in the total soup, the devious and secretive Rightwing political maneuvers have had dominance in created the chaos in our world today more than technological advancement.

From ‘Band of Angels’: ‘Men do not shape history; history shapes men.’ ” GREED

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One Response to Man-made Climate Change and Donald Trump

  1. We have had mixed-economy statism for a long time, and as a result we have had pressure-group warfare for a long time. Mixed-economy statism and pressure-group warfare corrupt and distort both business and government. Also, people with money have an advantage in pressure-group warfare.

    Educational institutions need to be run differently from most businesses. Educational institutions also need to be run differently from most, if not all, governments. I maintain that we will get the best results from separation of state and education.

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