What is the Purpose of Education?

These are my thoughts as posted on May 31, 2017 on Maureen Downey’s blog entitled, “Get Schooled,” of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: (Link: http://getschooled.blog.myajc.com/2017/05/29/boy-objects-to-female-president-are-schools-supposed-to-fix-that/ )

“What is the purpose of education?”


Ultimately, the purpose of education must be enlightenment. That means that the intellectual growth of students must become primary. When students are enlightened intellectually they release themselves of racism, sexism which often includes misogyny, as well as religious intolerance.

We will not survive on this planet unless we each become more enlightened. That is why the arts, literature, history, psychology must continue to be emphasized as much as mathematics and science even though the world is moving toward greater technological advancement. Human consciousness must continue to expand and technological advancement, by itself, cannot insure that expansion. The study and understanding of human nature is essential to growth of human consciousness.

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