My Work for Jon Ossoff for U. S. Representative from my District

Week 1 Report, June 9, 2017, first posted on Jay Bookman’s blog of the Atlanta Journal Constitution:
“Hello. Here is my weekly report of what I have done, personally, in behalf of Jon Ossoff. I did scout out that place where the new voting venue is and finally found it after almost an hour. It is difficult to get in and out of because it is on a major artery through my neighborhood. I called the Fulton County Department of Registration and Elections Office in Atlanta and told them of the situation. I asked for them to have a traffic cop direct people in and out of that venue since there is no red light there, on election day.

I went by Jon Ossoff’s new office in my neighborhood (his campaign workers informed me that he had outgrown the original one in this area) and told them the first paragraph above. Mine is not the only voting change of venue in the 6th district. They will be looking into how easily other change of venues can be reached and thanked me for the information.

I got two large Ossoff signs. I wrote a reporter at the AJC and informed him by email of all the above. Here is a paragraph from that email, which many of you may enjoy reading if you like human interest stories:

“Anything that you can do to publicize what is happening for voters would be much appreciated. Today, I took a large Ossoff sign into an apartment neighborhood near my home, let the large sign show from above my sun window on my car’s roof, as I held it securely down, and drove slowly around that neighborhood. Some young boys were playing basketball (late middle school to early high school), and they yelled to me, and jumped up and down giving me a thumbs up in support for what I was doing. I asked the kids to ask their parents vote for Ossoff. They loved my Chutzpah, and I loved interacting with kids again (this retired teacher comes alive, once more, with kids!)”

I’m doing my small part to make America better!”


(1) Find your polling place to vote for Jon OSSOFF.

(2) Scroll down to find your early voting location and time it’s open.

(3) Fair-minded Republicans, Independents, and Democrats MUST get out to vote for Jon OSSOFF by June 20th, if he is to win. See below:

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