The Wrong Path. . .

I posted the following words on Jay Bookman’s blog on June 23, 2017:

“I mentioned on this blog probably 6 years ago that our nation was in the middle of choosing the type of nation we would be. That was during the time that ALEC and other hardline Republican organizations, and people such as the Koch Brothers, were trying hard to make America into a nation that serves oneself, primarily, which is a Libertarian philosophy.

I said then that the soul of this nation was being tested and was in jeopardy. Today, those hardline Republicans have prevailed through the election of Donald Trump and our nation is becoming one in which the soul of this nation is truly in jeopardy. Moreover, we are in danger of losing our democratic republic because of Russian power in this nation.

How I wish that more had taken my warnings more seriously 6 years ago. This medical insurance plan by the Republicans is not only mean, but it is cruel. America is becoming cruel and self-oriented. We reap what we sow. This is spiritually the wrong path to take.”

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One Response to The Wrong Path. . .

  1. dbm1fromjaybookmansblog says:

    Donald Trump is no libertarian.

    “Reforms” that are piecemeal and politically driven can be very different from real reform.

    The libertarian position is to uphold voluntary, reason-based cooperation for mutual benefit and to reject “cooperation” based on government force.

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