I wrote the following on Jay Bookman’s blog, July 4, 2017:

I just heard, last evening, French President Macron’s response to the fact that Donald Trump has pulled America out of the Paris Climate Change Accord.

In a nutshell, here is what Macron said, in English, to Americans and to people throughout the world (paraphrased):

“We believe in America still and we believe in the American people. We have shared a long history for liberty. The other nations of this world will attend the Paris Climate Change Accord and we will go forward, together, with our goals. We, together, wish to make ‘our planet great.’ ”

America has always been an ideal which has embraced personal liberty and equality among all peoples. Even if our present America is no longer carrying the banner for that ideal throughout the world, the idea and the ideal will be carried through the world, and France, who helped our nation win the Revolutionary War against Britain, may carry that banner high in the world’s vision for this American Experiment that will never die.

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY, to everyone. The date on which America was born and the date on which two of its authors died, 50 years later, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

Poster #1

“Adams and Jefferson hated
each other for much of
their lives.”

Mary Elizabeth’s Response to Poster # 1:

“They were the best of friends when the Declaration for Independence was written. Adams was asked to write it but turned that job over to Jefferson, saying that Jefferson was a better writer (thinker) than he was. They were the best of friends during their mutual ambassador roles in English and France. They toured much of Europe together. They became estranged in the 1790s because Jefferson was more progressive (no ruling class) in how he wanted his vision for America to prevail than was John Adams’ vision for our nation. The presidency of 1800 was a hard battle for both men. Jefferson prevailed and won the presidency of 1801, ironically with the support of Alexander Hamilton. Adams was denied a second 4 years in office by Jefferson. Adams did not attend Jefferson’s inauguration. Jefferson served for 8 years, until 1809 as president. A friend got them back together about 1810 and they corresponded as good. retired, old friends from 1810 until 1826 when they both died on July 4, 1826. Adams last words were, “Jefferson lives.” He was wrong however, because Jefferson had actually passed a few hours on the 4th before Adams. That was their story in all its complexity.”

Poster #2:
“Some of both, then.
A vision for a new country is indeed something to have worthwhile philosophical battles over.”


Mary Elizabeth’s Response to Poster #2

“It has always been a place where we COULD have battles and I am sure France sees that as a positive for us even to this day. Be aware of any ruling president however, who tries to suppress the Press.”
Poster #3

“But But Jefferson was a ‘ slave owner ‘ and therefore should have no place in American history.”

Mary Elizabeth’s response to Poster #3:

“Only fools believe that.”


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