America, “Love with Strength Unbound”

Aware people know that the physical act of consummation, itself, is not necessary to destroy a marriage. If a spouse’s thoughts are constantly on the third party, the marriage may become irreparably damaged, and one or both partners may be forever destroyed. Jesus was an aware (or conscious) person when he said that the thought of unfaithfulness is as sinful as the act itself. Victor Hugo was aware when he wrote that the one who commits the sin is not the only guilty one, but also guilty is the one who first causes the darkness.

Trump and his administration, in conjunction with the Russian government, have caused the darkness that has encompassed our nation and our world. Now the legalities will begin. We will watch carefully as the word, “collusion” is examined in all of its variations of connotations, or degrees of guilt, legally and morally.

As a partner is tested in a marriage, as Jesus was tested on a lonely hill with the gain of power, this American Experiment is now being tested as to the quality of love remaining in its people. Our Founding Fathers built this nation on love, love which had faith that a new world in which all people are spiritually equal could exist, love in which the hope for the future of mankind could reach elevated consciousness never before achieved in the history of mankind, simple love enough to give one’s life for a cause greater than one’s self. Are the American people capable of sustaining that kind of love today, a love of strength? We shall soon find out. Will we shrink as a people and accept lies that collusion, in its worst legal sense, never occurred? Will we fail to look truth straight on and fail to deliver a justice equivalent to the act of treason, if it occurred? Or, will we choose to be lesser human beings than our Founding Fathers and simply play it safe for comfort as we watch the American Experiment die in our hands because our love for our country’s roots has become pale and only a fraction of what it was, love with strength unbound?

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6 Responses to America, “Love with Strength Unbound”

  1. The Founding Fathers built this nation on reason, not love.

    It is not appropriate to demand that people give up their lives for something allegedly greater. Sometimes a person can rationally give up his or her life for something of extreme importance to that person, perhaps to save the one that person loves romantically. Sometimes it can be appropriate to RISK one’s life for something of sufficient importance

    The American people may need at least one election to express ourselves properly. We may need more than one, since only one-third of the Senate is elected each time.

  2. Our Founding Fathers would have been guilty of treason against Great Britain if our General and later Commander in Chief George Washington had lost the Revolutionary War, and they well knew it. They were willing to give up “their lives, their property, and their precious honor” to obtain that liberty. I call that love, though not love of a romantic kind.

  3. dbm1fromjaybookmansblog says:

    I see the distinction between risking one’s life and sacrificing it as very important.

  4. I do not think that one can separate reason from love, except as a biologist might dissect a frog into its various physical parts. Human consciousness, as I see it, cannot be divided in that meticulous but divorced way, as the philosopher or the prophet would understand.

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